10 February, 2015

Nobody's Angel by Sarah Hegger

Kensington, March 2015
Imprint: Zebra

Recently finished reading the second book from Sarah Hegger (Sweet Bea was the first).

The synopsis was written so beautifully that I was immediately captivated by the story line about a girl-gone-wild who runs away after burning both sides of the same bridge and then returns to her fictitious hometown in an attempt to try and make amends.

Nobody's Angel was a well-written Contemporary Romance with believable characters and even more believable instances in both of their lives.

Lucy Flint left Willow Park after having hurt quite a few people, including Richard, now a prominent doctor in the midst of a marriage break-up upon Lucy's unexpected return.

She comes from a dysfunctional home that is meant to imply her reasons for behaving as she had, but the truth and sometimes even the lies can run much deeper than the well-guarded surface she knows needs to crack and be exposed if she hopes to succeed at this monumental task of making amends.

Sarah did a great job of making me feel awkward, selfish, anxious, and even guilty at times. It was apparent she knew what Lucy, Richard, his mother and brothers, and the town folk went through and how each of them felt about being a victim expected to forgive & forget.

A painful rendition of coming to terms with reality, the past, and all the awful shit that comes with being young, rebellious, and thoughtless.

I cannot forgive Lucy's father, I will never quite understand her mother -- though I did sympathize with and pity her, and I liked the way Richard acted start to finish about being one of the biggest victims of Lucy's past transgressions.

Lucy surprised me sometimes and made me think she might be too good to be true, but then Sarah had a charming way of making me see that it wasn't my struggle and that I'm not entirely aware of the issues Lucy continues to suffer through on account of her pain and affliction.

The entire story occurs within a matter of weeks, and while I did feel that the middle tended to drag in places, the beginning and ending were quite powerful as a bonus, and the middle slow pace wasn't enough to make me put down the book.

I read this one clean through.

Another extremely minor issue I had was with Richard. Not the man, but the name.

See, I have a cousin named Richard, and we're quite close. As a child, I used to watch Richie Rich and read the comic books. I also used to tease my cousin by referring to him as Richie Rich. That and the reference inside the story kept cropping up to make me cringe . . . especially during the intimate segments.

My favorite character is unexpectedly Donna, Richard's mother. She was great and the kind of mother I'm sure we'd all like to have had or at least known when we were going through our awkward phase in life.

I wanted to be her when I grew up, although I'm probably more like Lucy's mother, Lynne.

Actually, if I know myself well enough, I'd say I'm more like Lucy except that I never grew up, accepted fate, and moved on.

This was an ARC I received from the author in exchange for an honest review, which I already submitted to my Goodreads account and now here, on my blog.

Below are a few of the official links for pre-order, or to bookmark for when the March release date arrives.

What you should really do, though, is visit the author's website to find out more about Nobody's Angel and her other novels.

Sarah Hegger's blog.

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