27 January, 2016

New Release: Finding His Dragon by Elianne Adams

Release Information for Elianne Adams'  Finding His Dragon
plus more news about the Wolfpack Freebie Fest 

Finding His Dragon is out!!

 Go check it out.  It has finally been released! Go check it out.  I absolutely adored writing Jace and Charlotte's story.   It's a bit dark and a little gruesome in parts, but I hope you'll really enjoy it. ~ Elianne

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If you've never been a part of a Wolf Pack Run, then you're missing out!

What is it? Well, it's a place where a few of your favorite shifter romance authors have gathered and are giving away some FREE books that haven't been set to free before, and giving you all a chance at some terrific prizes! If you've been meaning to get the first book in my Dragon Blood series and haven't done so yet.. here's your chance.
Also up for grabs are two $25 Amazon Gift Cards. This isn't a huge event where you will be asked to do things for two hundred authors. No, it's a small group, so go ahead and check it out!

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