28 February, 2016

Alpha Fever: Too Hot to Handle!

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So head on over to Elle's FB Page, and get in on the prizes. Contest will be open until the end of day on February 29th! We'll announce the winners shortly thereafter!

A quick word of thanks from the Authors of More Wicked Alphas, Wild Nights!

We just want to say thank you to all of you who have supported this set, and series. It's going great, and that's in great part due to the amazing readers who pick up our books and leave amazing reviews! Thank you so much! We do appreciate it.
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Dancing on the Dark Side

A well-meaning local journalist thought it might be interesting to interview the protagonists of Dancing on the Dark Side by Máirín Fisher-Fleming. He may have ‘bitten’ off more than he can chew…

Are the characters fictional or real?

Ciaràn: I’m something from your worst nightmares. You’d better hope I’m fictional.

Bliss: Stop being melodramatic. Look at him. I wish my nightmares were about him. I can see you staring at his name. I thought it was weird the first time I saw it, too. It’s pronounced KEER an -- and it’s adorably Irish, just like him. And to answer your question, we’re realistically fictional. Or fictionally realistic. (scratches her head, puzzled)

Ciaràn: Like that makes sense.

Moving on then. When and where is the story set?

Bliss: Present day Salem. Specifically at Windhaven College of the Arts.

Ciaràn: But sometimes we venture into Boston. It’s a good place to…uhm…eat.

Bliss: Ciaràn’s the TA for my Advanced Contemporary dance class at Windhaven. I’ve never met anyone who can dance like him. In his spare time he manages a coffee house near the university.

Ciaràn: She's omitting a fairly important bit of information. It’s okay Bliss, you can tell him.

Bliss: But what if he's from…the Order?

Ciaràn: We’ll risk it. I’m a vampire. Just over three hundred years old—

Wait. A dancing vampire? Seriously?

Ciaràn: Do you have a problem with that? Dance is very much a part of my culture.

Vampire culture?

Ciaràn: No. Before I became a vampire, I was Sidhe,

Bliss: He doesn’t get it. He's got that 'this guy's a girl?' look. The Sidhe are the Fair Folk of Ireland. You know…Sheee?

Ciaràn: Saying it louder and slower won’t explain it any better.

Bliss: Someone took an extra helping of sarcasm tonight. It's better than telling him you used to be a faery.

Uh…right. So what is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

Bliss: Where would you like me to begin? First there’s the bitch patrol at college. They don’t get how hard I worked to earn my TA position. One of them thinks I slept my way into it. Then there’s my ex. He’s a real piece of work. And don’t get me started on the Order. They’re just hell bent on offing anyone remotely supernatural.

Ciaràn: You could also add my little sister who is discovering just how powerful her magick is. Throw in a bumbling Shifter and we have conflict all over the place.

What is the personal goal of the character?

Ciaràn: I’m terrified that the same thing that happened to my first love will happen to Bliss. I can’t let that happen. It was my fault. I have to protect her, regardless of the cost. My goal is to keep her safe. From me.
Bliss: That’s so sweet… I’m determined to win a place in a major dance company. The last thing I need is another messy relationship. But there’s just something so familiar about Ciaràn. It’s like I’ve known him all my life. Or in a past life.

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Alpha Fever: Too Hot to Handle!

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