21 February, 2016

Olivia Arran's Latest Cherished: True Mates #5

Cherished is the final book in the True Mates series and the longest yet (for a man who doesn't like to talk much, Oliver sure had a lot to say!)

Find out what happens when Oliver meets his true mate...

Out now for $0.99 and also on Kindle Unlimited.
Olivia Arran loved writing the True Mates series and plans on returning to her favorite wolves in the future. She's playing with the idea of a spin off series based around the Smithrock Pack. Olivia also plans to spend some more time with the Everson Brothers (her lovely bears). But first, there is a top secret series in the planning stage, which promises to be a good one! 

Blurb for Cherished:

I’m the pack fixer…and I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty.
Wolf shifter Oliver Colstone was handpicked to be the pack fixer because of his specialist training, his lack of emotions, and his willingness to do whatever is needed to get a job done. Got a problem? He’s your man. But one look at his true mate and Oliver thinks he might be the one in trouble this time...

I’m a survivor – but can I survive being the focus of Oliver’s attention?
Life hasn’t been a barrel of laughs for curvy Ana Arlington, but she hasn’t given up. Nope. She’s got her son to think about and a future to plan. First things first, she has to find a way to escape her captors. She doesn’t need a smoking hot black-ops kind of guy swooping in and rescuing her. Okay, maybe she does…but does he have to look so darn irresistible doing it?

As destiny draws human and shifter together, will Oliver be able to convince Ana to give up her prejudices and take a chance on fate…or will she forever close her heart to true love?

**This book comes complete with a Happy Ever After**

The True Mates Series is now complete. It is recommended that you read this series in order, starting with the short prequel Found: True Mates Book 0.5 then Promised: True Mates Book 1.

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