07 January, 2017

No More #Twitter = no more #Triberr

**UPDATE: 1-8
Triberr is just really effed up and until they finish their maintenance, I'm not going to bother.
Still, there is the issue of us being in violation of Twitter's auto-post code of conduct.
They must not realize what Triberr is or how it works, but I don't want to continually be accused of violating Twitter's terms of service because I am a member of various Triberr Authors groups.

**(UPDATE: as of 6:00pm EST, Twitter still refuses to acknowledge the google voice # I submitted,
which actually worked to get me a CONFIRMATION NUMBER, which I then submitted and received the following message: Oops! Something went wrong. Try Again Later.

At this point, I am going to believe that both Triberr and Twitter are 'down' (under maintenance) and put this puppy to bed until tomorrow.)**

With a mere seven days in, 2017 is not proving itself a 'good' year for me.  :(

Today I tried to log-in to my Triberr account and they said NO, because my Twitter account is not 'valid'.

When I attempted to log into my Twitter account, it said NO, because apparently I've been using too many automated posts, which is a violation of their terms.


Triberr 'auto' posts for me.

Me, and countless other authors out there who subscribe to Triberr, use the service to get our messages out to the world via Twitter and Facebook.

Our blog posts are RSS fed to Triberr, who in-turn posts them on their website and WE, the users and authors of said posts, pay-it-forward (to use a cringe-worthy term) by 'submitting' said posts to our own Twitter and Facebook accounts.

That's how it works.

Now I am unable to access Triberr until Twitter is fixed, and Twitter won't be fixed any time soon because I do not own a cell phone.

And, quite frankly, even if I did own a cell phone, I would NOT ... I repeat would NOT give Twitter that information.

Twitter refuses to acknowledge a land-line, so what am I to do?

Honestly, I think I've been hacked.

At the end of 2016 and for a few days into the new year, I began receiving daily emails from Twitter saying so-and-so has begun to Follow me.

These are companies, people in the medical and mental health professions, and even a few sports-oriented accounts.

Nothing remotely close to or resembling the writers, authors, and creative folk I'd been following and had follow me over the past... THREE years.

So, I created a new gmail account but am waiting to hear back from Twitter before creating a new account there.

I shouldn't have to, really.

I should be permitted to use their service despite my not owning a cell phone.

Ah well, there is always Tumblr.

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