21 March, 2017

I'm Quitting #Triberr !!

I really can't take this anymore.

Triberr AND Twitter have been giving me hell for months now, and I honestly don't know why I'm still taking it.

Everything was fine until Triberr decided to 'upgrade' a few months back, and since then I haven't had a moment's peace or productive visit.

Since the upgrade, Twitter continues to LOCK ME OUT.

I get reinstated and go back to Triberr to help my friends with their Author posts and I get LOCKED OUT again.

Now, I try to use Triberr and click a minimum of FOUR posts when I begin getting this message...

Over the limit.


My daily share limit is three posts?

I'm wondering if it is because I am not a PAID subscriber to the service?

Regardless, it was a terrific way to easily HELP fellow authors share their work, their thoughts, and their promotions via TWITTER...

until now.

I met some wonderful people and enjoyed reading their content, but this back and forth with Twitter shutting me down and then having Triberr do the same is getting irritating.

I don't know what to do, either, since I'd like to continue to help my friends with their promotional efforts.

Any suggestions?

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