25 March, 2017

I've DeActivated my #hacked #Twitter Account

I have to assume someone who follows me, or someone linked with me on my Triberr account is the culprit.

Yesterday, I was able to click on about 20 Triberr posts to be sent to my Twitter account for re-tweeting, and today I received YET ANOTHER email from Twitter saying they've locked me out and I have to reset my password.

F*ck them and the daily hassle.

I've run out of password ideas as well.

Twitter says I have to wait 30 days for the account to actually disappear, but it is 'usually' deactivated within a few minutes of asking.

So, for the next 30 days I'll be floating around in cyberspace posting blogs no one will see or read, and then I'll create a NEW Twitter account and a NEW Triberr account and hope that fixes this issue.

If the same issues continue to occur after this scientific analysis test then I'll know it is someone from Triberr dicking around with me and IF NOT, then it was Twitter and they need to get a life.

See y'all in 30 days!

Ao No Exorcist


  1. I've had this problem a few times. It usually happens after a Triberr update. The cure is to deactivate the connection between Triberr and Twitter not deactivate Twitter. Go to your Account Settings, click on Social Networks, and remove Twitter. Once that's done, reconnect Twitter, giving them access again. It should fix the problem. Good luck. :-)

  2. Hi, Amy! Thanks for the helpful advise, but after doing what you suggested a few times, the problem still exists. I even deactivated the Twitter and Facebook at Triberr and waited a few days, but the Twitter Lock-Out continues :( Twitter also doesn't recognize my phone number and sometimes not even me! I think the best bet is to get rid of everything and start all over next month. Well, let's HOPE that works!