19 April, 2017

I Need #Twitter Followers! @RaineBalkera

Well, the deed is finally done.

I have created a new Twitter account for my romance author/writing endeavors.

Took less time than I had anticipated, and a lot about my new @Twitter account is the same as my old one, so that's a good thing.

I'm still @RaineBalkera but had to create a new e-mail address (which is super-easy with gmail).


I've re-linked it to my #Triberr networks and HOPEFULLY won't encounter anymore snags, snares, hurdles, and goof-ups like before.

Just have to remember to start TWEETING on a regular basis in order to prevent the above-mentioned issues from occurring in future.

AND, now that I've got an iPhone, remembering to like and re-tweet directly from the Twitter Feed might not be as big an issue as I expect.

Currently, I'm on a long-term sub assignment teaching 1st Grade and hope the contract wraps up within the next 3 weeks (there is a field trip on the docket, and I don't do field trips!)

Good money, though.

Also, I've become far more serious about creating a vlog to coincide with this blog, having purchased a kind of decent camera, a new all-in-one PC, and the iPhone.

Like any of that will do the trick!

The biggest hurdle with this idea is wanting to plunk myself down IN FRONT OF the camera and start talking like no one is there (or cares).

I'm too old and too vain for that sh*t and still need to drum up the courage to just wing it.

We'll see!

I hope you'll continue to support me, and it is GREAT to be back in the saddle again!

Looking forward to being able to help you guys promote your work!

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