02 April, 2017

Update on My #Triberr #Twitter Troubles

Still using Triberr!

Still waiting for my 30-day Refresh to end in order to create a new Twitter account.

I can say I'm happy to still be able to help my fellow Romance authors get their posts out to the world as I have 325 'friends' on my Facebook profile and just about as many who 'follow' me on my Google+ page.

So far, Triberr is behaving.

When I first signed on with the website, it had refused to post anything to my Facebook timeline but had no issues with my posting to Twitter and Google+ pages.

Now that I've deleted my Twitter account, Triberr posts to my Facebook timeline and continues to give me zero trouble with my Google+ additions.

I suppose at this point that I should wait for Facebook to BAN me next, right?

Also, while searching for the right image for this post, I came across another blogger who experienced the same issue as me... getting banned from Twitter for over-posting via Triberr.

I scrolled down to the comments section and two folks suggested that she switch to Hootsuite, but I'm not familiar and don't know if I would meet the same types of people I've met on Triberr, or be able to do the same favors for like-minded bloggers there.

I'll have to look into Hootsuite for more details.

Another comment-er said that they had experienced the same issue but had solved the problem by self-posting Tweets more often.

I had thought about that as a possible solution, but I almost never remember to do it.

Just not a huge fan of Twitter and don't spend any amount of time there, but LESSON LEARNED going forward.

Maybe I can remember to set a timer on my new iPhone that will remind me to log in at least twice a day and post random sh*t in order to keep the Twitter Police off my behind.

But first, I need to go online and learn how to use the new iPhone.

Happy Posting fellow Romance Authors and please don't forget about me! ✌

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