12 July, 2017

Dear #Triberr Tribesmen!


Just to let y'all know I'm still with the various Romance Author/Novel/Blogger groups, but even after deleting my old Twitter account and setting up a new one (rainebalkera@gmail.com) I am once again experiencing the same issues with Twitter.

Everything went well for the first few weeks, but now I've been getting LOCKED OUT almost daily, and as I have mentioned in previous posts about this aggravating dilemma, I am running out of password ideas.

So, I recently removed my Twitter account from my Triberr account and only re-'d your posts via Facebook and my Google+ account.

A few of you made the effort to follow me via Twitter, and it is there that I retweet your articles, book blurbs, and promotional stuff.

Sadly, not enough of you have made the switch to my new account, and a majority of what I see on my Twitter Feed is auto-posts from 3 in particular, with the rest of the Tweets lost somewhere in the selfish madness that is spam.

(VERY seriously considering BLOCKING them)

Anyway, tonight I reopened my Twitter on Triberr and again began scheduling and directly tweeting via Triberr, but I already know when I wake up tomorrow and check my e-mail, a message from Twitter will be waiting for me :(

If you could make the effort to FOLLOW me via Twitter,  @RaineBalkera , then I will be able to retweet your stuff via Twitter.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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