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Welcome back for Week 21 of the MFRW Author Blog's 52-Week Blog Challenge.

This week's topic is: The Best Gift I Ever Received.

As I thought about what to write this week, it occurred to me that I've received a lot of nice things over time.

And, since this isn't a topic that holds my interest, I'll be brief with my response.

A few years ago, my oldest (son) went to Spain for some college thing (not exchange student, just a trip) and when he got home a few months later, I received a lovely, traditional Spanish fan that his hostess bought for me.

My son had other ideas, and along with a lot of beautiful pictures and hours of exciting tales of the trip, he handed me a bottle of wine.

Mediterranean Beach Sand

Of course, it isn't just any old bottle of wine.

"THIS", he said with a good amount of pride, "is official Mediterranean Sea beach sand."

I thought it was a sweet and very compassionate gift from his heart, and I'll always treasure it.


This past winter, I received the loveliest, hand-crafted Christmas present from my talented daughter.

2017 Christmas

She posted a similar photo on her Facebook page to show her friends and ended up receiving 3 orders!


I'm sorry the image is a bit grainy, but the detail on this doll is incredible, and I couldn't have been more happy to receive such a loving gift, nor more proud of my very talented, artistic child!

As always, I thank you for stopping by to read my post.

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  1. Wonderful gifts. Cost isn't a factor, but knowing the gift came from the heart is what is truly a wonder. And that doll is beautiful! Your daughter is very talented!


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