31 January, 2017

The Deal- Billionaire Boardroom Book 2 by Misha Elliot #ReleaseBlitz

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Book Title: The Deal - Billionaire Boardroom Book Two 
Author: Misha Elliot 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: January 31, 2017 
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"He thinks he can just hold onto my money. Well I don't think so. I've never had a problem with getting a hold of it before. I'll show him. Just you watch."

What happens when an uptight CEO is tasked to tighten the purse strings of a willful heiress? Landon Cartwright has his work cut out for him. Will he be able to tame Bree VanOrmer or will she set him straight?

Bree stood and passed the coffee cup off to Valerie. Finally, the door opened. She smiled as she walked through the doorway of the conference room. Her eyes surveyed each face that set around the table, with measured smiles. Their greetings comforted her and reminded her she was among friends.

Before she had a chance to get comfortable in the chair and pull her thoughts together, she was already being addressed.

“Good morning, Ms. VanOrmer, how can we help you today?” An unfamiliar voice spoke. Her eyes moved about the room to the faces she had known before, but they all seemed to be looking for direction from this man. She couldn’t see all of him, but what she was able to view from her end of the room was breathtaking. Although she was only viewing him from the waist up, she was instantly drawn to those hands. He brought them up to brush the hair on his chiseled chin. Then she saw it. Those lips. Framed in a well-kept, trimmed beard were a pair of full, kissable lips. For just a moment longer she allowed her mind to wander and imagine how those lips would feel as they brushed against her own. Then down to the soft tender skin at the nape of her neck. Not wanting them to stop there, they would continue a path all the way down to—

“How can we help you, Ms. VanOrmer?” he asked again. In that moment, all of her rehearsed thoughts left her mind.

“Where is Mr. Jones?” she asked. Despite the long table coming between the two of them, she could easily see the annoyance written on his face.

“There have been a few changes around here, and now you’ll be dealing with me directly as I chair the board here. I’m Landon Cartwright,” he gestured with his hand, “now please tell us what we can do for you today.”

“Oh. Well… My friend has been in business for years and is very talented. And what I’m proposing is that you give me three million dollars for investment.”

“That’s a substantial amount for us to give. I’m sorry, ’your request is denied.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Cartwright. What if we researched and came up with a plan of business that would be of sound investment? Then we can discuss these options with Ms. VanOrmer next month,” one of the other board members suggested.

“I don’t agree with you at all. I think if I want to invest my money to help start up a friend’s expansion, that’s my business. You’re nothing but advisers. I’m tired of coming here asking for permission. You all sit behind a desk pretending to know what is best for me.” Her voice remained forceful and steady. There would be no way for the room to know she was secretly shaking inside.

“I’m sorry that you feel we are under qualified to handle your affairs. Fortunately, your father saw things differently, and before he passed, made sure we were here to address matters for you. So, if that is everything, thank you, gentlemen, for coming in. That will be all today,” Landon said as he briefly staring Bree down. He rose like a judge after passing sentence. Landon’s eyes were no longer on Bree as he addressed the board members to the right and left of him.

The gentle ease in which he took control of a room was impressive. Without saying one single word, he had the ability to get all the men in the room to see things his way. It was evident he was a man who was used to getting his way. What Mr. Cartwright didn’t know was that so was Bree VanOrmer. No, she may not have been an influential businessman, but she was a powerhouse in her own right and knew how to play the game of who’s in control. All she needed to do was to get him alone for a moment or two so she could get him to start seeing things her way, but her mind was a jumbled mess of thoughts. Thoughts that could get a woman in trouble when thinking about those eyes. The way it felt when his gaze pierced through her. That face. Eyes perfectly positioned, a good broad nose and a perfectly chiseled chin. Landon’s features were godlike in their beauty.

She mingled for a moment, waiting for an opportunity to catch Mr. Cartwright alone. Perhaps she could find a way to reason with him. For as long as she had been aware of the power of her looks, she’d used them to get herself out of trouble while in school or get her way with a bat of those long curly lashes of hers. Or the pout of her full, lush lips.

“Excuse me, Mr. Cartwright.” She tilted her head slightly, hoping to grab his attention.

“No need to be formal, Bree, it’s Landon.” The smooth, slick way he said her name was hot enough to melt butter. She knew this for fact, because she was having a definite reaction to it.

meet the author

Misha Elliott sometimes M. Elliott is a romance author who uses writing as a way to entertain, release, and educate. She is a lover of life and reading. Once a northerner she now calls the Lone Star state home.

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30 January, 2017

The Beauty (The Beauty & The Thief Series) by Ashlee Taylor #ReleaseBlitz

The Beauty

Book Title: The Beauty (The Beauty & The Thief Series) 
Author: Ashlee Taylor 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Release Date: January 30, 2017 
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Art Gallery owner Emmeline Billings vowed to keep her parents legacy alive by helping struggling artists.

Having lived a shell of a life since their passing she finds her true self when other family members show their true colors threatening what she's built.

What she wasn't prepared for was the thief in the night.

Sebastian Stuart has lived a life in the shadows. He's watched Emmeline from those shadows grow into a beautiful woman.

Seeing her living a shell of herself, he's determined to help her. Sebastian re-enters her life when he can no longer stand by and watch.

He does the only thing he knows how to do - steals her heart.


I stood on the outside of her hotel room door, hoping that she would come after me. I was powerless to let it go any longer but I knew that I didn’t want to take advantage of her in her inebriated state. If she had come to me I would have stayed with her, I would not make the same mistake again. I waited twenty minutes before slipping into my room that happened that was next door to hers. I had gotten lucky with a woman at the desk during check-in, she didn’t ask any questions when I asked for that specific room. I prepared to say anything, even give her money in order to secure my spot close to her.

When I was in the comfort of my room, the silence was beyond deafening. I knew that my decision to leave her was the best, but now I wished that I hadn’t. I lay down on the bed rethinking my decision when I heard the soft noises that sounded like crying whimpers coming from the room next door.

“FUCK. I’m an asshole.”

Going over to the door that connected the two rooms, I opened my partition and began to work on her doorknob. Two clicks later, I was in her room. Emmeline lay curled up in the middle of the bed, she was still wearing the dress she had worn during our impromptu date. Kicking off my shoes, I climbed into bed with her wrapping my arms around her holding her tightly.

I was unsure how long we lay there together before I fell asleep. I just knew that where I was at that minute was where I belonged.

meet the author

Ashlee Taylor has always loved to read. She was practically born with a book in hand. She even wrote short stories and vignettes for fun at age eleven.

As she grew up reading was put to the side but the book Fifty Shades of Grey brought back the love of the written word. Swallowing every book she could get her hands on while befriending authors. Eventually becoming a beta reader and helping authors work out critical scenes and plot progressions.

Through this process, Ashlee decided to write the stories in her head.

29 January, 2017

If You Can Dream It #sweetdreams

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

A lot has happened to me over the past few weeks, and none of it involves my writing, sad to report.

Until last night, that is.

Before I shut my eyes and went to sleep last night, and for weeks prior, life came at me in all directions -- with zero good intentions.

I finally started back to work as a substitute teacher and Para-Pro after sinking a ton of money into my car only to have said car die on me again.

Well, it isn't dead, just brake trouble.

But, the real trouble with the brakes is that I sunk a majority of money into having them fixed the first time, so why all of a sudden is there a line leak?

It says so right on the work order: check lines for leaks.

New pads, new rotors, checked for leaks.


The guy who did the initial work gave me that smug, "It ain't me!" look and then proceeded to claim it would cost about $2,000 to fix because of corrosion.


I took back my car, went to a local Hardware store and bought a small bottle of brake fluid, tipped off the right box under the hood, and the brakes work just fine now.

I've also had two sinus infections within a few months of each other, and this time it is a doozie.

Not just my nose but also my ears, eyes, and throat are also affected.

Still trying to figure out if it is because I'm surrounded by cruddy kiddies all day, cooped up inside overheated classrooms with dry, dirty air blowing through antiquated registers, or if it might be the weather, which has been dismal, dreary, WET, cold, windy, and gray since mid October.

Probably a crud-combo of both, eh?

So, while the car is on the mend and so am I, it afforded me the chance to take some time off to recuperate mentally, physically, and yes, even spiritually.

While cuddled up in my jammies with hot tea, chicken soup, and my Kindle, I've been reading a lot more than usual, sleeping much more (or, should I say with more quality), and being allowed to daydream without having to worry that some snot-nosed 4-year old will dash out of the room with his pants down around his ankles to make me look like someone I'm definitely not.

Para-Pro's generally look after high-risk and Autistic children, so the above scenario is not only possible, it actually happened to me on two occasions.

And, no, I wasn't daydreaming at the time.

Let me Tell you About my Dream

“Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.” ― Henry David Thoreau

I know, Mr. Thoreau means our personal selves, but it still somewhat applies to my post topic.

For a few years now, I've been working on a 4-part Fantasy Romance, and in all that time I've managed to figure out the main characters, their personalities, their dilemmas, and even their eventual romances.

What I haven't done is complete a single first-draft on any of the novels, which are still floating around inside my head and do tend to crop up at the most unexpected moments in the daytime.

Until last night.

Last night, in the dead of sleep, I was physically transported to one of the story ideas, and it was the most fascinating, amazing times I've ever had in my life.

It was real, it was touchable, and it was even audible.

I could actually hear the voices of my characters as they spoke to one another, argued among themselves, and even as they fought a minuscule battle that was immediately interrupted by the h's father -- a fierce King ruling a big realm on a distant planet -- which I happened to be standing on in this dream.

"I remember."

It was the only thing I could say to myself while in dreamland.

"I remember this part, and how I couldn't decide precisely how to get these giant robotic things to cease fire before anyone got hurt or was killed."

Then I saw the H in the story, still as handsome and clueless as ever, brand new to this far-off planet and still struggling to take it all in while wrestling with not only his mother's death but his having just learned of her being an alien.

On earth, he was a Bush Pilot up in Alaska and made a decent living while enjoying the company of a few close friends, a girl who had long ago agreed not to expect anything from him, and his lucrative business carting rich kids off to hiking spots, ski trails, and aurora sighting locations while also delivering medicine and supplies to those living in more remote areas while on the look-out for things like brush fires, potential avalanche issues, and stranded or injured wilderness seekers.

Then his mother begs him to fly her to a mountain range northwest of his Talkeetna home.

As the two make their way up a snowy mountain path, she confesses to her only son about her reason for being on Earth, and that she wishes to return after her death.

He's shocked, but more about her claiming to be dying than anything else.

He'd always known something was strange about not just his mother but his parent's quiet relationship, the seemingly major age difference between her and his father, who died ten years ago an old man while his mother remained the same.

He'd been able to sense things prior to their occurring, and his ability to deflect objects was something he'd needed time and patience to tame as well as conceal.

He certainly didn't want his mother to die, though, and he definitely didn't want her to vanish into thin air, leaving no trace of herself for him to mourn afterwards.

She collapses against her son and the two end up on the snowy ground, he holding her close to his chest and shedding tears while she smiles and weakly tells the rest of her sad, somewhat terrifying tale of woe, abandonment for the sake of the realm, and a stubborn determination to have her way.

He had always noticed a faint red glow surrounding his mother, and now that red glow had changed to an alarming green.

"If all is well where I'm from," she tells him, clinging to his strong arm, "They'll come for you. Don't be afraid. Your rightful place is with them as their ruler."


He's confused and angry and still determined to keep the woman alive when he notices dark figures appear out of nowhere to surround them.

There isn't enough time to rise up, much less protest when darkness cloaks him, and in another instant, he's on another planet.

Of course, there's more to the story, and I did manage to get a bit farther than that in a rough draft that never met completion.

That was a few years ago, though, so to have the dream hit me as it did, out of nowhere and with such vivid clarity, was a complete shock to my system and made me not want to awaken.

Which probably explains why I am so overly tired today.


As a writer, it is impossible NOT to have daydreams about some of the weirdest, most impractical things imaginable.

As a writer, it isn't uncommon for us to overhear a mundane conversation but have a single word or sentence send us off on some fantastic journey inside our minds.

What IS uncommon, I think, is for me to be so ill-equipped to handle two things at once as not to be able to work outside the home AND write when I return.

Since I began this substituting position last spring, I have barely written a word of anything, save my Inigo novel, which I was pretty close to scrapping after repeated remarks about Tell.


My admittedly scathing review of a very popular author's SEAL romance novel does make me feel better about myself as a writer.

I am learning to trust myself as a writer and to believe in myself as a writer.

My writing may just be different from the common herd, that's all, but it certainly isn't bad writing in any way, shape, or form.

I've read enough bad writing to know it is true.

So, now my goal is to teach myself how to do two things at once and believe that I can concentrate on work with the wee ones during the day and work with the make-believe ones after dark.

Some of you out there have admitted to writing more than one story at the same time, and I commend you.

Some of us do have more than one idea simmering at the same time, and some of us are capable of drafting more than one novel at a time.

I do have several of my own in my Writing folder.

When the idea strikes, I begin to write what is going on inside my head so I don't forget, or the urge to write that story is so great that nothing else matters.

Until the urge fades and I either lose interest, ideas, or stamina.

Or all three, which is where I currently reside... a kind of Writer's Limbo, I think.

I'm dead due to lack of writing in general, but I'm not in writer's heaven or hell.

If I take the dream literally, to mean SOMEone is trying to get me back behind the keyboard, then it was one powerful shove by one powerful source.

Vivid dreams are rare (for me) but surprisingly lasting.

It isn't likely I'll forget the dream any time soon, so writing what I experienced is probably a good idea.

And, I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress.

Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection 2) by Susan Stoker #review

Pages -  258
Published -  October 31, 2014
Sold by -  Amazon
Genre -  Contemporary Romance, SEALs, Military
Series -  SEAL of Protection Book 2 of 8
Sexual Content -  3.5 /5
Language -  mildly coarse

Alabama didn’t have a good start to life. Emotionally and physically abused by her mama, Alabama spent her high school years in foster care. People let her down, time after time, and she’d learned to rely on only herself. 
Christopher “Abe” Powers earned his nickname because he tolerated nothing less than absolute honesty from the people around him. Finding the bar scene stale and having watched his friend and teammate, Wolf, find the woman of his dreams, Abe was determined to find someone to share his life with too. 
Alabama and Abe had no idea their paths would cross and their prayers would be answered, but like most things in life, nothing is ever as easy as it seems at first. Two words would change both their lives and they’d have to fight hard for their happy ever after. 

My 3-star review means more bad than good, and at Amazon I had no choice but to give it 2 stars because . . . I honestly didn't like it.

I was in the mood for Contemporary after having read a few Historical romance novels and decided to give a Military Romance another try.

The title is a misnomer because zero protecting occurred.

The SEALs aspect was no more than an afterthought, with Abe completing a total of 1 mission in the entire story (that we, the readers, weren't privy to go along and experience).

And, despite Abe's being hot, his character vacillated throughout the novel and had me thinking one way, then another, then another, and then another until I gave up and just read the rest of the words.

There was no story line, no formal plot, and an unrealistic romance that took a decidedly immature and implausible turn for effect that was wasted on me.

I just didn't care anymore that Abe had transformed, yet again, into a whining, sniveling idiot who did and said all of the things he had sworn throughout the story that he would never say or do (which I wasn't allowed to forget because the author kept reminding me of those things over and over and over again until I wanted to scream).

Alabama's having been abused and ending up locked within herself wasn't an issue, but her being 30 yet reading more like early 20's or even younger was.

The author's obvious lack of a formal education in the English language kept sneaking its way into the words on subsequent pages, making me think she is too young or too inexperienced to deserve the title award-winning.

Then the cheesy terms and out-dated phrases tossed about made me think the author was in her late 60's, if not older, which only worked to toss me out of sexy SEAL mode and into WHAT is going on with this story?

No suspense, or more accurately, skimmed over suspense that lasted all of 2 pages or a chapter and then back to more monotonous repetition, flashback, telling, and nonsense.

The author chose to wrap up each occurrence in a nice, neat bow with zero logic involved.

The Real Issue ~

What really threw me off after having read this messed up piece of nothing is that I had read the negative reviews prior to reading the story, and again after having read the novel, and only one other comment mentioned the author's abuse of TELL.

Since I'm always accused of telling and not showing, I search for free novels with negative comments about this topic so I can read their work and try to understand what it is and how it affects a story.

THIS is the first real case that makes total sense, but apparently, only to me.

And, I'm sorry, but I know I don't write half this bad.

The author inserted herself into more than 90% of the story, telling us how the H and the h felt, what they were thinking, why they were thinking that way, and so on.

She let us (the readers) come up for air only when she inserted dialogue.

But then said dialogue read more like a Dick & Jane primer than an actual 'award-winning' novel.

"I like you."
"I like you, too."
"I'll protect you."
"Thanks, I need protecting."
"Can we have sex now?"

I don't like to use the terms one, two, and three-dimensional characters because, frankly, they are extremely loose interpretations based on whatever the reader deems is the correct meaning.

I could picture Alabama and Abe in my head, so they weren't totally undeveloped, but they weren't fleshed out enough to make me really care or understand their motives or attraction to one another, either.

Throughout this novel, I pictured the two leads standing on opposite sides of a dark room, with the author (and me) hovering overhead telling me what is going on in each instance.

I was never allowed to understand either character or be permitted to join them on whatever journey it was the author had in mind when she wrote this novel.

The author just kept telling me why, again and again and again she told me why I should care, why they behaved as they did, and what it was that motivated them to do, say, and feel as they did.

Alabama hated the words Shut Up because that's what her mama had always said to her. Alabama hated the words Shut Up and now looked around to make sure it was okay before she said anything. Alabama's mother had always told her to Shut Up, and now Alabama was afraid to speak to anyone unless spoken to, but even then, Alabama made sure to look around to make sure no one would disapprove.

The same repetitive nonsense occurred with their names.

Alabama this, Abe that, Alabama this, Abe that... in the same sentences and the same paragraphs, chapter after chapter, like I would be too stupid to remember who was in a scene.

Honestly, I should have given up 25% in, when I couldn't take it anymore and knew the story wasn't going anywhere and wouldn't get any better.

And, it didn't.

I just wanted to know what the 'award-winning' content looked like but never found out.

An Aside Thought ~

This is what is written in the author's Amazon Bio:

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Susan Stoker

...and like always, I have to shake my head in total wonderment.

I watch a few popular Youtube posters on a weekly basis, and one of them is in the hilarious habit of roasting his fellow Youtubers when they post lies, steal someone else's content, or to bash the wrong side of a trending topic.

He goes after the 'popular' posters who somehow generate 'millions' of views/likes for content that is either in poor taste, pedophilic in nature, or downright ripped from someone else's channel.

He then goes on to explain how it is possible for said Fraudulent Content to generate that much interest, and one way is to manipulate the 'like' feature via hacking.

Similar to why Twitter continues to block me whenever I use my Triberr account to tweet blog posts from other authors.

Twitter accuses me of auto-posting the way Ethan Klein accuses fraudulent Youtubers of rigging their 'like' count.

The bottom line is, it all smells fishy, and so do a majority of these 'award-winning' author's award-winning labels.

The system is broken and needs to be fixed or I'll never regard award-winning anything as significant or worthwhile, and that is extremely sad.

Because those who DO deserve the accolades (see my previous review of Wendy Lindstrom's Then Came You) get lost in the muck & mire that is today's convoluted, inaccurate, somehow manipulated, and downright FAKE world of Award-Winning anything.

Bottom Line ~

There are a total of 8 novels in this SEAL of Protection series, and I would not recommend any of them, nor will I be reading any more of the author's work.

28 January, 2017

Then Came You (Second Chance Brides 2) by Wendy Lindstrom #review

Pages -  276
Publisher -  Rustic Studio Publishing
Published -  March 9, 2015 (1st ed.)
Sold by -  Amazon
Series -  Grayson Brothers series
Genre -   Historical Romance, Victorian
Language -  irrelevant
Sexual Content -  0/5

A Marriage Of Convenience... And Undeniable Romance.
The last thing Amelia wants is to marry her father's business competitor, Kyle Grayson, the man who rejected her youthful flirtation, especially when she’s still smitten with him. But dire circumstances force her to marry Kyle, a man she knows little about. She senses he has been wounded and keeps his emotions locked inside. Can she break through Kyle’s staunch business demeanor and show him that laughter and love are possible?

Yes, that is a 5-star review, but to be honest, I almost wanted to give it 4.5 because I can't find the Unclean (lol) version anywhere.

But, I know that would be wrong and unfair to the author and her potential fans, so I'm leaving it as is and rightly so.

This was a fantastic, interesting, and flawless read start to finish.

FINALLY, I can agree with her being an award-winning Author, because she deserves it and any other praise that comes her way.

Fully developed characters, an interesting plot that took its time coming to life and light, but that never flipped or strayed off course.

This is the way every aspiring author hopes to end up writing, including me.

I was immediately sucked into this story and had to page-turn in order to find out what happens next.

I was skeptical about its being a 'wholesome' story because, to me, this equates to religious, preachy prattle with a 'message' inserted somewhere between the dialogue and actions.

That wasn't the case with Then Came You, thankfully.

Yes, they attended church on Sundays, but that was it!

This is simply the 'clean' version with zero graphic or vulgarly worded sexual situations.

Amelia is unhappy in her current life as a secluded school teacher in a small town with too many religious do-gooders hawking over her.

Kyle is a hard-working first-born running the family's Lumber Mill while also watching over his three other brothers and little sister, all of whom have made their own lives, but Kyle still feels obligated as the eldest.

He's been burned a few times, and once by one of his brother, so is wary about things like love, relationships, and anything of lasting value other than his business.

Amelia is an only child whose father also runs a lumber mill and is also Kyle's business partner and family friend, but young Amelia's crush on handsome Kyle ended in humiliation.

From there, Amelia let herself be humiliated a few more times before ending up as a teacher and not liking herself or her future even more.

Sadness occurs at her father's lumber yard, forcing Kyle to confront Amelia at the tiny apartment above the school house, which is closely watched over by a Puritan couple on the grounds.


The awkward that ensues between these two mismatched people is as endearing as it is comical, but in no way was this a story that forced humor on its readers.

Amelia didn't come off as being stupid, ill-bred, or in any way modern in 1871 Fredonia, New York.

Kyle pictured clearly in my mind as the tall, well-built, and very handsome first-born with too much ambition and not enough inner monologue to get out of his own way, and I found him to be a charming man who just needed a swift kick in the ass (by Amelia) to wake him up and allow himself to enjoy.

He very much deserved Amelia in the same way Amelia deserved someone like Kyle, who wasn't of a mind to hold her back, keep her down, or stifle the inner wildness longing to break free and run like the wind.

Their inevitable relationship worked its way toward the HEA in a believable manner and in a timely fashion as well.

No modern ideals being injected into 19th century characters, thank you very much.

This is labeled as a stand-alone, but a few aside characters inserted into their romance made me confused about who was whom and how they were related.

Kyle had too many women in his life besides Amelia and Amelia's mother (who also seemed to be simmering in a budding romance of her own).

These were people from the first novel in the series, Twice Loved, which obviously detailed Kyle's relationship with Evelyn, but there was also a Catherine, the sister of Kyle's best friend, a Nancy, his mother, a Rebecca, his sister, and a Mattie (a little girl adopted in the first novel).

I guess Kyle can't help it if he's so handsome, somewhat wealthy, and available, can he?

I'm pleased to have found this offering at Amazon and highly recommend these novels to anyone wanting to read true romance in its purest and most professional form.

Yes, I'll be reading every other novel in this series and anything else Wendy Lindstrom has written.

Second Chance Brides series

Book One: Meet Evelyn Tucker in RITA Award-winning TWICE LOVED (the SWEET edition of SHADES OF HONOR). She planned to marry her best friend—then his brother returned home and complicated everything.

Book Two: Continue the series with Amelia Drake in THEN CAME YOU—a Romantic Times 4 1/2 star Top Pick! A marriage of convenience...and unexpected romance. Can she break through her husband’s staunch business demeanor and show him that laughter and love are possible?

Book Three: Meet Claire Ashier in ONLY YOU. He was everything she didn’t want—but was everything she needed. Is the risk too high for Claire to trust a saloon owner and open her heart to love again?

Book Four: MY HEART’S DESIRE. Faith Wilkins is a woman in danger with a hidden past. Sheriff Grayson is the only man who can protect her—and the one who can hurt her the most.

Book Five: A CHRISTMAS PROMISE is a heartwarming novella about Adam Dearborn and Rebecca Grayson. A boy learns about love, the spirit of giving, and what it means to become a man of integrity. (Prequel to MY FOREVER LOVE)

Book Six: MY FOREVER LOVE. How could she have forgotten Adam Dearborn, the boy she has loved since her teens? After a tragic accident that steals her memory, Rebecca wonders if she can find her way back to the boy who promised her forever.

Book Seven: ALWAYS AND FOREVER is Hal and Nancy Grayson’s love story. Find out how the Grayson legacy began in this story of love, forgiveness and second chances.

Book Eight: CHANCES ARE Nancy Grayson has never stopped loving her deceased husband Hal. A chance encounter with the reclusive millionaire, Dawson Crane reawakens her spirit and her need for love. Can the heartbroken widow forget her past and embrace a second chance at love?