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Jordan's Shadow by TR Cupak #PreOrder #Giveaway

Title: Jordan's Shadow   Author: T.R. Cupak  Genre: Dark Romance   Release Date: October 10, 2017  Cover Designer: Bex Harper Designs   Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC. Jordan This story isn’t about love, like, lust, or a happily ever after. This story, my story, is about struggle, pain and suffering. Fighting to stay afloat while being pulled under by what feels like the murky and powerful undertow of the ocean. Fighting for strength I so desperately need when all I am feeling is desolate and weak. I’m a girl who exudes hatred when a normal girl of my age and pedigree should be the picture perfect portrait of love. Alcohol consumes me. Drugs numb me. Sex for money feeds the hollow abyss deep within me. How does a soon-to-be twenty-five year old escort turn her life around when the last several years of her life has been spent traveling down a very dark path? The Shadow She became my obsession, my every thought. She is the reason

Falling Into Right by Sharon Kay #CoverReveal

Title: Falling Into Right   Author: Sharon Kay  Genre: Contemporary Romance   Release Date: October 24, 2017  Cover Designer:   Kim Killion Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC. How do you recover when life kick boxes your soul? Becca Gable is fighting to stay on her feet after a series of crushing losses. She's always been the good girl until the events of the past year push her to make a mistake she can’t take back. Now, her corporate finance job and her fiancée are gone thanks to her newly-acquired criminal record. Shane Marlow survived an IED blast during his service in Iraq—but half his team did not. Physically healed, he returns to his home county as a K9 officer. The scars of loss run deep and though local folks admire him, no one truly gets him—until Becca literally lands in front of him. Their bond of shared tragedy evolves into a connection both fiery and healing. But a stalker decides that Becca’s crime should stay front and

Casting Pearls (of Wisdom) #MFRWauthor

Hello, and welcome back for Week 39 of the Marketing for Romance Writers  52-Week Author blog challenge. This week, we are asked to talk about:  Words to Live By Well... this is a toughie, but for reasons you're probably not even assuming. When it comes to Pearls of Wisdom, I am on the BUNCO side. As a matter of fact, one of my future Vlog uploads will be covering this very topic. But, to play fair here, I'll start by offering up "Always Wear Clean Underwear" Honestly, you just never know, so play it safe and do the wise thing prior to leaving the house for any reason whatsoever. "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" I have NO idea how to interpret this, I just like saying it and think it's funny, so hopefully, if you need to giggle a little, this might do the trick. "As You Think, So Shall You Become ~Bruce Lee" This most accurately proves why I am not a fan of Words of Wisdom, because if he's right, then I am con

Gravity by Liz Crowe #ReleaseTour

Title: Gravity (Brewing Passion #4)   Author: Liz Crowe  Genre: Contemporary Romance   Release Date: September 26, 2017  Cover Designer: Emmy Ellis, Totally Bound Publishing Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC. Series Blurb : A unique new romance series set in the trending world of the craft brewery. Meet the owners, employees and friends of Fitzgerald Brewing as they live, love, lust and laugh their way through the ups, downs and sideways shifts of small business ownership. Blurb : When Brock Fitzgerald is welcomed back into his family thanks to the sympathy of his sister-in-law Evelyn and the tolerance of his twin brother, Austin, he understands that this may be the best he’ll ever get for himself. Years spent partying, drinking, and screwing his way through life have left him drained, exhausted, and accepting of his many weaknesses. He’s grateful for the second chance he’s been offered, even as he continues to battle his demons, including o