Author Bio


Astrology -  Capricorn
Status -  Single
Personality -  Introverted, Autistic-ly Social
Paranormal -  Believer in Spirits and Curses
Craving -  Salt Tooth
Mindset -  Daydreamer
Music -  Classical and Ambient
Color -  Chartreuse (on me-pink)
Preferred Read -  Regency Romance
Season -  Summer
Food -  Prime Rib
Fruit -  Watermelon
Veggie -  Cucumber, Cherry Tomato
Drink -  Fountain Diet Coke, Red Wine, Hpnotiq
Dress -  Sweats & T's
Male -  Tall, Dark, Handsome variety
Word -  Adjectives
Expertise -  Letting Fear Hold Me Back
Number -  9
Game -  PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBg)
Retreat -  Cabin in Woods on Lake
Place -  Upper Peninsula and Florida
Watch -  Asian Dramas

About Me

Born and raised in a typical suburb of SE Michigan, the 2nd of four siblings.

TWO 4-year College attempts at a BA in English/Linguistics failed to produce a degree, but the 8 years total and over 120 credit hours afforded me a position with PESG.

So, I currently work for a living as a Substitute Teacher.

Shy by nature, but not nearly as bad as it once was, I now find comfort in striking up casual conversation with just about anyone I meet.

My introduction to Romance novels came by way of Johanna Lindsey's A Gentle Feuding. From then on, I feverishly devoured the paperback variety of romance in the Regency and Historical genre.

However, I continued to write Contemporary.

A huge fan of  Project Runway and the Poldark Series on PBS.

The only time you'll find me inside a movie theater is when another of the Marvel or 007 flicks makes its debut. I love them all.

While married, I was a stay-at-home raising two wonderful children and cultivating a love of gardening and photography.

After the divorce, I found myself teaching 3rd grade at a small, catholic school 'up north', so to speak . . . it just means that I moved out of the tri-county area of Detroit and up to a county near Lake Huron.

It was while driving back to Michigan from Illinois -- after one of the most horrendous and brief work experiences of my life had ended -- that I decided it was now or never; a  do or die moment with my love of writing.

My Writing

I delved right in to my first CR novel, Sing to Me, in which I dedicated close to two years and a lot of editing before deciding it was time to let go, self-publish, and move on.

I'm aware it has issues, Tell v Show being one of them, but it took me forever to understand what was meant by it, and I'm still not entirely sure I understand but do believe I have come a bit farther in my quest to perfect my style of writing.

So, in the following year, I worked just as hard on Love Over Time, and after having learned a thing or two about writing in general and self-publishing, I felt much better about the results.

Currently, I am working on Book One of a Three-Book series, another CR, about three brothers and their loves.

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