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I was born and raised in SE Michigan, the 2nd of four siblings by parents three decades ahead of me (they married late in life).

Shy by nature, but not nearly as bad as it once was, I now find comfort in striking up casual conversation with just about anyone I meet.

My introduction to Romance novels came by way of Johanna Lindsey's A Gentle Feuding. From then on, I feverishly devoured the paperback variety of romance in the Regency and Historical genre. 

However, I continued to write Contemporary. 

As for work, I've held down a variety of positions: legal secretary, receptionist, professor's assistant, a van driver for a friend who created a temp agency for the unemployed in Detroit, and even a brief stint with a dearly departed friend's start-up attempt at creating a publishing house.

I'm hooked on Asian dramas and movies as well as Romance novels.

Also a huge fan of Top Gear UK, The Musketeers, Poldark, and Ripper Street.  Am just as faithful a watcher of both Project Runway and Vikings on the History Channel.

The only time you'll find me inside a movie theater is when another of the Marvel or 007 flicks makes its debut. I love them all.

While married, I was a stay-at-home raising two wonderful children and cultivating a love of gardening.

After the divorce, I found myself teaching 3rd grade at a small, catholic school 'up north', so to speak . . . it just means that I moved out of the tri-county area of Detroit and up to a county near Lake Huron.

Eight years later, I returned to college for a second attempt at a degree and failed -- again -- due to an inability to pass Algebra class.

It was while driving back to Michigan from Illinois after one of the most horrendous and brief work experiences of my life ended that I decided it was now or never, do or die with my love of writing.

"If people don't love me in person, then maybe they will through my writing."

At this point, the sky is the limit, and I have no intention of ever looking back again.

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