04 April, 2015

Korean Drama, Fool's Love - a Review

호구의 사랑 / Hogooeui Sarang
AKA: Ho Gu's Love / Fool's Love / Fool for You
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Network: tvN
Broadcast: 2015-Feb through Mar


A romantic comedy drama that depicts Kang Ho Goo, who never had a girlfriend and has no dating techniques. He meets his first love -- a member of the national swim team -- Do Do Hee and gets involved in a complicated love/friend relationship.

Main Cast

UEE as Do Do Hee (A swimmer, Asian Games silver medalist)
Choi Woo Shik as Kang Ho Goo (artist, dreamer, lover)

This was worth the watch AND the wait for episode uploads.

At first, I didn't care for UEE and thought that Ho Goo's twin sister did a better, more believable job portraying the bad-ass, ugly duckling with the opposite attitude. But as the show progressed, I managed to get past UEE's huge eyes and fat cheeks, and that deadpan, I really don't give a shit vibe she carried throughout and started to enjoy her on-screen time as well.

I loved that Ho goo's parents were hippy-types and as unconventional a Korean parent stereotype as they come.

I liked that the writer's touched on subjects like rape, homosexuality, and appearance without beating it over our heads or concentrating too much on one or the other -- being sure to offer up their opinions and to hell with what anyone else might think or feel about the subject.

I enjoyed the fact that, while parents were involved, that they weren't dominant players and didn't subject us to their nasty, overbearing, and sometimes vindictive behavior.

And, I especially adored the fact that there was no bitch-hag squaring off over some guy. The two likely heroes in this story ended up looking like fools while the average, work-a-day types shone brightly as they realistically made their way to the top, so to speak.

This was actually about a goofy guy who fell in love with a popular Olympic hopeful on the swim team. They attended the same high school and didn't quite make it to the friendship stage, but along the way, Ho goo managed to say and do some things that left a lasting impression on Do hee.

Years later, and when she's at an all-time low in her waning career, the two meet again and their relationship grows. She's pregnant and he's desperate to take care of her and the baby. She's extremely reluctant to get involved because of the secret behind the pregnancy, and he doesn't really give a damn about anything but her and the baby.

Eventually, of course, things work themselves out.

References to The Little Mermaid weren't in-your-face or as trite as you might expect, either. They had their rightful place.

The middle of the last episode, when we finally discover who it is in the grave, was shocking to me and somewhat sad.

The ending was probably thrown together, but not in too hectic or messy a way as to leave me feeling gypped. Again, it made sense and was cute/funny/exciting, so winner there, too.

The best part player goes to Choi Woo Shik! He did a fantastic job portraying the milquetoast geek pining away for the hot chick. Believable, enchanting, and downright lovable through and through. When a guy who looks like the chess champ ends up making someone as shallow as me fall in love with him, then he must be doing something right.

Gotta love them kissy lips!  

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