The Thought Bubble Never Pops #MFRWauthor

Hello, again.

Sorry about missing last week's challenge (Favorite Novel Quotes) AND not being able to read or comment on the posts from the week before!

I don't know what happened, but not only couldn't I open the MFRW Author Blog page to find the links, the links refused to appear on my blog, so I had no way of joining the hop and was very upset.

Last week's challenge was not something I would have been able to participate in since I'm not one to quote anything... because I can't remember what "I" said ten minutes ago, much less what I read ten years or months or hours ago.

MY total recall is along the photographic line; not the literary.

My son can watch a movie ONCE and then verbatim quote it for years after, leaving his mother in awe of such a skillful talent!

And here's me, trying to remember the movie title and who starred.

What I recall most from both books and movies that I truly enjoyed is the setting that evolved in my head; the experience I shared with the two leads at some climactic moment in the story, and why I loved the story as much as I did.

I can possibly explain that to someone, but probably not as coherently or even correctly as others, but the feeling I got from the experience remains the same, so that's a plus for me but not good enough to make the grade for last week's challenge.


This is week 41 now, and the challenge put before us this time is: My Blogging Inspiration

When I was new to Blogs, there wasn't enough time in a day for me to write all the things I was inspired to write about in a Blog Post.

Music, Childhood Memories, My Day, My Job, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to...

Blogging had opened up a new world of opportunity for me as a shy, introverted WRITER who had never even assumed to let anyone else read her work, much less contemplate the idea of sending it to a Publisher.

Talking about life, though... that was no big deal, and the semi-anonymity that came with blogging was a huge bonus (and inspiration).

I took pictures, linked YouTube music videos, and shared my interests in things like gardening, writing, photography. and shopping.

THEN I started working as an Educator... for my church (at that time)... and everything changed.

The anonymity part became almost an obsession with me.

I deleted that Personal Diary of sorts, created a new email account under a pseudonym, and was very careful about what I posted (especially the pictures).

But, in retrospect, I realized this was good in a way, because the writing bug had already hit hard, so it INSPIRED me to just write instead.

Like... my true love of writing kind of writing, which was and still is Romance Novels.

I spent more time on stories than I did on Blog Posts.

BUT, another love cropped up around the same time, and that was Asian Dramas.

Under another assumed name, I created a second Blog dedicated to my love of Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese dramas and movies and started reviewing what I'd watched, the actors I enjoyed most, and later... the things about those shows that started to get under my skin.

That Asian Drama Queen blog went on for years, and I was up to 41 followers at one point, too.

Then my internet provider did something really horrid because I canceled the television portion of their 'package' and left me with the most God-awful, 180p-type service imaginable.

Unable to view anymore Asian Dramas online as a result, I had nothing to discuss on that blog :(

So, I went back to taking pictures during my infrequent jaunts around the state and continued to write Romance.

I would insert the odd image in a Page on my assumed-name Author Website but mainly post them on my Author Facebook page instead.

And, with writing Romance, there is the reading aspect that comes into play regarding my Blogging Inspiration.

If I really enjoyed a book I'd just read, or am baffled about the author of a book I didn't enjoy but who is being praised as the next Oscar Wilde, then I will post my opinion about the oddities I find with Amazon Reviewers.

Mainly, though, I am inspired to post Book Reviews.

Now I'm at a point in this strange career of mine where I want to branch out and do a YouTube vLog that supplements my Blog Page.


As a contracted substitute teacher, I still find it impossible to reveal myself to the public while also still being terrified of doing it simply because the introvert in me keeps shouting "No! Are you crazy? Jeez, get a grip!"

So, I am goofing around with the odd video upload that doesn't show me at all but instead a video game I'm playing, or my gerbil romping around in his cage, or me opening a package of Pokemon cards, and the latest one I'm working on is of me painting an owl on canvas.


I voice-over to be safe, to keep my job, to remain anonymous, and to stay sane.

Talking, however, isn't quite the same thing as writing, is it?

How disingenuous is it NOT to be able to verbally convey anything you are relatively capable of discussing in detail through writing?

I hope it isn't a 'thing' because if it is, then no one will ever give any of my novels a chance!

Personally, I like the idea of Highlighting or Showcasing other authors on my Blog.

I would like to believe it is helpful to them, but I also know that without a strong following of my own, why would anyone want to come over here and talk about their work when there isn't anyone here to read (or listen)?

IF I was popular and everyone liked me, that is probably what I would spend a majority of my Blogging effort on, though.

Since no one likes me (lol - that's a LOL, Ed!) then I am a bit more free to post whatever type of content I choose, and if the occasional rant strikes about some current social topic, I might just go ahead and post my five-minute soapbox rage there.

At the moment, I am as heavily into my latest WIP as I am juggling my Sub Teaching assignments around my narrow window of video-making opportunity time.

So, my Blog posts are a bit more rare now, but mainly consist of Book Reviews (if I deem it worthy), a progress report on my Romance Novel WIP, and these Friday Challenge posts.

Trying to recall the last time I was truly INSPIRED to write, though, is also a challenge.

It's been a while, folks.

I think what's happened is that my focus has shifted from Blogging to Vlogging.

The videos will include the same type of content, and once I get the EDITING q & a out of the way (boy, don't THAT sound familiar to us writers, eh?) then perhaps my mind will be more inclined to create a better, more fulfilling routine for both.

And, I've discovered a few things about making videos that puts DOING into a whole 'nother playing field, believe me.

You need money to vlog and right now that isn't a thing, so my videos are embarrassingly naive and simple but FUN to make!

I'm thinking about decorating some face masks you can buy at Michael's and maybe wear those in my videos...

Or not!

(That inner introvert voice just made my ears ring with a very loud NO!)

So, to wrap this up, my Blogging Inspiration centers around four main interests:

Writing Romance

Book Reviews

Asian Dramas


Thank you for stopping by and reading my submission!

Please scroll down to the LinkyLink tool and click on the next in line to discover what is their Blogging Inspiration.


  1. Kudos to you for dipping your toes into vlogging. that supposedly is the future of social media but it terrifies me.

    1. You're welcome, Alina. I've been doing 'homework' at Youtube for over a year and am sad to report that not many Romance Author (or author in general) channels are all that popular. Most stopped posting back in 2015! Still, I think it is just another step in the right direction for most authors.

  2. Very interesting post. The beauty of the pen name to help with keeping your writer life and other life separated. It is important.

    Bummer that you had trouble with the links for the last few weeks. Glad you got it worked out. I was the same as you with that post. I can't remember quotes, my memory is crap. So I worked around it with just doing general reading quotes thanks to my friend Google.

    1. Hi, Meka, and thanks for reading my post. I was 'this' tempted to do the Google search thing but decided not to because it just wouldn't be genuine. It's like with names: you can say it 4 thousand times in five minutes and I 'still' won't remember, but your face? It will stay with me until I die.

  3. writing a review is among the greatest gifts you can give an author. And I definitely can relate to the difficulty in balancing "this is me" posts with anonymity. I prefer the shadows, not the spotlight. Enjoyed the post.

    1. Thanks, Helen. Appreciate it! And, you are absolutely right. Even if I wasn't afraid of being 'exposed' by the kids I teach, the company I work for, and all of the nosy hypocrites from church (sorry that sounds harsh), I doubt I would ever find the courage to reveal myself in front of a camera. It DOES add ten pounds, you know (lol).

  4. LOL.....I did author interviews for a few years and for whatever reason, my traffic slowed to a trickle. Or it could have been the fact I ripped a Certain Book and Its Sequels apart....I was nearly finished when someone spoke up they didn't appreciate my humor. Maybe the Blog Mob had attacked? Anyway, on that blog, I only post once or twice a week, with the exception of this summer's viewing of Big Brother. HAD to inject my thoughts on every episode. Still, no one's commenting. Oh well.....I'm over the whole 'don't you like me?? *sniff*' attitude. Some day I'll actually write something witty again, and people will find it. Or not.

    1. Do it! Show them that they didn't win at the very least. Today's world is SO messed up when it comes to 'advice', 'opinion', and 'taking sides' that it is all bad. No one wins. I've taken it upon myself to voice 'opinion' as such, give 'advice' when needed (about writing novels readers won't pan), and tell the whole world that Breaking Bad wasn't all that good and that I'd never watched a single episode of Seinfeld. LOL I care about gaining a following, and at the same time I give a hoot about 'upsetting' anyone. Go figure. Thanks for reading my post!

  5. I'll admit I haven't watched many Asian dramas, but I am slightly obsessed with Takeshi Kaga, and one of my most prized possessions is a copy of the Japanese cast recording of Les Miserables.

    1. A Japanese cast recording of Les Miserables, huh? I'd actually like to hear that! I got hooked on Asian dramas wa-ay back in 1996 when azn tv was a thing on cable. The guys! Whew. :D

  6. I can't remember quotes, not mine or anyone elses. I remember famous lines like "You shall not pass" or " I shall never go hungry again" but for the most part, no. I love Asian drama, it can be intense. Thank you for sharing. Great post!

    1. You have NO idea how exciting it is to 'finally' meet a fellow enthusiast! I receive a lot of views on that blog but not much in the way of activity, and I don't mind anymore. I write what I want about topics that interest me and leave it at that. As for famous quotes in novels... it'll never be a thing with me. :D Thanks for reading my post!

  7. Love to see you in one of those face masks, Raine.

  8. That’s awesome inspiration. I thought about Vlogging once but chickened out. Kudos to all those names. I tried using pen names once and was so overwhelmed I dropped them all but my real name and the one for Children’s books. I doo love reviewing and I post friends releases at times otherwise this challenge is my biggest inspiration

  9. I'm impressed that you're dipping your toes into vlogging. I wouldn't know where to begin, but they do say it's the future. The Halloween mask idea is a good one - you could have a couple and rotate wearing them, but always wear the masks. That could be your "thing". I'm glad your links worked for the MFRW post this week!

  10. I can relate to laying low while working in education. Wow, you get a big pat on the back from me for Vlogging. You could use the Live feature on Facebook, but not if you use your real name for posting. I don't have the nerve to do either.


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