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2018, 1-16 Meteorite over SE Michigan Well, it's been an Up/Down start to my 2018, let me tell you. While I felt that 2017 was probably one of my better years, a lot of people claim otherwise. 2018, for me, is starting out on a pretty rocky road, and I'm not comfortable with it, either. For starters, my birthday falls on the 1st of January, so every year I get to celebrate the notion of getting older, which comes with its share of fear, dread, and "This can't be happening to me!" thoughts. I was alone on New Year's Eve and forgot to buy a bottle of champagne, so to have to believe that I'll be lonely and bored for the rest of the year is a bit daunting (if you or I believe in such nonsense, that is). But, then my eldest and his girlfriend announced their engagement just a week later, and it was happy time for a while. Selfishly, the joy ended when I realized it meant that when their wedding rolls around, I am going to be forced to have t

Losing Time by Chris Karlsen #RB #giveaway

Title: Losing Time (Knights in Time Book 5)   Author: Chris Karlsen  Genre: Historical Romance (With time travel elements)   Release Date: September 16, 2018   Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.  Can love survive the wrong time and place? Felicia Wycliff’s peaceful stroll through the woods turned to disaster when her dachshund bolted after a rabbit. One minute Felicia was running after the determined little dog, the next she was hurled to the ground. Gathering her wits after her tumble, she brushed herself off and continued her pursuit—-right into three mounted knights who blocked her path. They were so authentic looking. They might’ve stepped from the keep of the nearby castle, Elysian Fields. But the old Norman fortress was a ruin and had been for three hundred years. “Seize her,” the middle knight ordered, the knight who sat tallest in the saddle. “Let me go.” She fought, striking out when the two knights grabbed her. “Who the deuce are you?” “I’m the

The Beautiful Years by Annie Rose Welch #CoverReveal #giveaway

Title: The Beautiful Years   Author: Annie Rose Welch  Genre: Mafia Romance/ Contemporary Romance   Release Date: October 2, 2018  Cover Designer: Buoni Amici Press   Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.  Love never felt dangerous to me. He did. The moment Brando Piero Fausti appeared in the snow-filled night, he made the blood hum in my veins, tethering my life to his with an irrevocable bond. I became the light to his darkness. Illuminating the face of an avenging angel, intense dark eyes that should’ve warned me away, and a body worthy of a statue in Italy. He was the most beautiful man that I had ever seen and the most dangerous that I had ever felt. I was barely able to touch the surface of his secrets and his mad possessiveness when it came to protecting me. He claimed me as his, per sempre. But he wanted something from me. For me. He wanted me to dance. To fulfill what the world claimed was my destiny. Little did I kno

Nothing But Trouble by Ashley Bostock #ReleaseBlitz #giveaway

Title: Nothing But Trouble (Irresistible Billionaires, #1)   Author: Ashley Bostock  Genre: Contemporary Romance   Release Date: August 28, 2018  Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.  Billionaire CEO Michael Vilander needed just one date. Creating a fake profile on his own matchmaking website may not have been his brightest move. But then Sophia Baldwin’s arresting face pops up on his CHAT NOW feature. Not only is she gorgeous, but after spending half the night exchanging messages with her, he finds her to be naive, innocent and way too sexy. Twenty-four-year-old Sophia Baldwin is barely able to make ends meet. Caring for her sick grandmother prevents her from having a normal life—aspirations of attending college full-time to become a nurse are on the back burner—but then she meets the charming and dazzling Clint on an online dating site. When he asks her to the Denver Arts Foundation’s Annual Valentine’s Day Gala, she’s confident things are looking u