A Rare #ThursThoughts Post

2018, 1-16 Meteorite over SE Michigan

Well, it's been an Up/Down start to my 2018, let me tell you.

While I felt that 2017 was probably one of my better years, a lot of people claim otherwise.

2018, for me, is starting out on a pretty rocky road, and I'm not comfortable with it, either.

For starters, my birthday falls on the 1st of January, so every year I get to celebrate the notion of getting older, which comes with its share of fear, dread, and "This can't be happening to me!" thoughts.

I was alone on New Year's Eve and forgot to buy a bottle of champagne, so to have to believe that I'll be lonely and bored for the rest of the year is a bit daunting (if you or I believe in such nonsense, that is).

But, then my eldest and his girlfriend announced their engagement just a week later, and it was happy time for a while.

Selfishly, the joy ended when I realized it meant that when their wedding rolls around, I am going to be forced to have to see (for the first time ever, mind you) my ex's reason for leaving me and the kids.

It's something I've always dreaded having happen, and now it is a simple matter of when, so I'm not happy.

But, my daughter told me she is interested in helping me with my YouTube channel by offering her artistic talents as broadcast material.

I was like, yes!

And, there isn't a whole lot being offered on the PESG website as far as jobs go, so worrying about income has become a 'thing' recently, and having to worry about making money never bodes well for me in the stress-related sleeplessness and resulting illness departments.

But, I've also received two intriguing e-mails from two school districts informing me of long-term assignments, and while I continue to mull over the idea of hiring on full-time, it relaxes my mind somewhat to know it isn't entirely too bad.

The weather this year has been brutal, with below-zero temps, lots of snow, and always with an icy mix tossed in for dangerous effect.

When it gets this cold and snowy, my body and mind tell me to hibernate like a real bear would do; hunkering down in a cozy den to do nothing more than write or browse YouTube videos, catch up on Korean dramas, read lots of Romance novels, and sleep.

But yesterday, I actually worked for a few hours at an elementary school, so there's another $60 in the bank for me!

And, last night, after sitting in said Den for a few hours working on my latest WIP, I just stopped and said, "Go stand outside and have a cig. Stretch them legs!"

So, I did.

I bundled up, opened the front door, stepped out onto the porch, and...

According to meteorologists and the folks at our Cranbrook Institute, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

So, the odd fact that I chose that moment to step outside, on a cold, dark night, when I don't normally do anything so foolish, just excites and amazes me to no end.

As soon as I opened the exterior door and set a foot on the porch, a very bright flash filled the sky, scaring me silly.

It was over in "a flash" (pardon the pun) but the blue streaks of light before my eyes lasted the way they do when a camera flash hits you at a certain angle.

Well over a minute later, there was this loud but dull rumbling boom, like thunder, and I thought, "Geez, that's a far-off storm."

Then my mind was telling me how impossible it has to be for a 'storm' to generate lightning and thunder when it is only 8 degrees F outside (but it was ice-raining at the time).

I thought nothing more of it and went to bed shortly thereafter.

When I awakened the next morning, my mom was overly anxious to let me know about the meteorite that flew over me and crash-landed somewhere up north, in the Mt. Clemens area.

How cool!

But, then I checked my e-mail and saw that unfriendly note from YouTube, telling me they don't care about me and aren't going to offer any chance in hell of monetization, because to them I'm a nobody start-up without a decent following for them to bother.

Even if I wasn't making any money prior to receiving that email, I'm still really pissed off that they sent it at all, that they worded it so insultingly brutal, and that they had no qualms about telling me to go to hell because I'm a worthless nobody whom no one will ever care about because I'm not popular or famous.


Well, that's about all from me for now!

Hopefully, after working on my Friday post for the MFRW Author Blog Challenge, I'll be in a better position to start including some WIP Wednesday posts this year!

Please look forward to reading them, and please be a doll and Subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Much obliged, and have a wonderful day!


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