20 April, 2015

Cover Reveal - What Janie Wants

What Janie Wants
by: Rhenna Morgan
Publication Date: June 22, 2015
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Clothing optional…

Janie McAlister should have known better than to trust her quirky sister’s taste in resorts. Instead of thatched-roof huts and designer pools overlooking the ocean, she’s landed at the one seventies throwback in the Riviera Maya with an open door nudity policy. No way is she going à la natural in public. And she’s sure not entertaining the advances of the bold young man with the delicious body daring her to do exactly that…and so much more.

Well, hello, Ms. McAlister…

Zade Painel’s a man on a mission—grab some much needed R&R at Gypsy Cove, and figure out how to reclaim his boudoir photography business. He never thought the answer would come in the form of a curvy, forty-year-old redhead and an accidental knee to the ‘nads, but Janie proves to be a force of nature with a penchant for fixing things. She’s also sexy as hell. One way or another, he’s going to help her see just that. And if he plays his cards right, it'll be a heavenly hands-on approach that lasts way past seven days in paradise.


Told in Janie’s Point of View:

Janie froze. Every muscle locked up and her breath hitched. The only thing actively working was her heart, which after its initial stumble, had taken off at a gallop.

“…make damned sure the only thing you can do is feel.”

So tempting. So terribly tempting.

The shadows around him accented the sharp angles of his jaw and nose, and his voice dropped to a grumble. “Talk to me, Janie.”

And tell him what? That she wanted what he wanted as bad as he did, but she was terrified to give the green light? That she wasn’t sure she could take the disappointment in his eyes if things got serious and he saw what a quality sundress could hide? “What do you want to know?”

“Tell me what you want.”

Touch. Passion. Contact. Skin. It all rushed in at once, clogging her throat and seizing her thoughts.

“One word.” His hand tightened on his lap, not so subtly gripping what looked to be a powerful erection. “One thing at a time.”

She swallowed and tried to catch her breath. The request leapt to her tongue, ready for launch. Damn it to hell, she was a living, breathing human, not some freakish deviant. Why couldn’t she say what she wanted? Own it. It was one night. One chance she may never get again. “A kiss.”

He stared at her. Quiet.

Her lungs burned, the air so thick she could barely breathe.

He stood and padded to her side of the bed.

With every step, her heartbeat surged a notch. Her thighs pressed so tight together it was a wonder the bed didn’t shake.

He unhooked his watch. One of those chunky ones her son had begged her for two Christmas’ ago. 
Somehow the silver looked right on Zade. Manly. Effortless and stylish without being overblown.
It clunked against the nightstand as he sat it aside.

He’d rolled his sleeves up, tanned skin and prominent veins peeking from beneath the crisp blue fabric. The top two buttons of his shirt were open, leaving his neck on display. And his eyes, bright blue and bold as the hottest flame, framed by his loose blond bangs.

He scanned her body stretched out on the bed, put a knee to the mattress, and straddled her thighs. Rooting his hands on either side of her head, he held his body over hers, yet not touching. “A kiss.” He dipped closer. Slow, inhaling deep. “Want to point out, you didn’t put any restrictions on your request.”

He traced the line of her lips with his own, close enough to tickle and tease, but not nearly enough to give her what she craved. “You didn’t say how…” His warm breath fluttered against her face. “…or where.” He licked her lower lip and lifted his gaze to hers. “I’ll take that to mean I get to taste all of you.”

Meet the Author

Rhenna Morgan writes for the same reason she reads—to escape reality.

Yes, her life rocks—two beautiful little girls, a great husband, a steady job, and the kind of friends that would take you out back if you hurt her. But, like most women, she’s got obligations stacked tight from dusk to dawn. So, when the world gets her down, she slips into something…less realistic.

Romance is a must. So is a steamy romp (or four). Nothing thrills her more than the fantasy of new, exciting worlds, strong, intuitive men, and the sigh of, “Oh if only that could happen to me.”
So, if you’re picking up one of her books, expect portals into alternate realms and men who’ll fight to keep the women they want. Romantic escape for the women who need it.


14 April, 2015

Romance Weekly Blog Hop - My Characters, Myself

It's Tuesday again, and that means another fun and informative blog hop involving Romance Novelists and the questions asked of their craft.

Thank you for hopping on over after a visit to Patti Fiala.

This week, Xio Axelrod poses the following: Readers always ask "How much of yourself do you lend to your characters?" Here's your chance to answer. What traits do your characters have that come from you? And if not you, someone in your life.

This is another great question, and I hope my answer is just as great while also being informative yet succinct.

A little.

I should probably expound just a little, too.

As for me personally, not much of myself goes into my fictional characters. Well, it is true that I'm involved when it comes to things such as likes, dislikes, preferences, and hobbies. I'm very particular about certain things, and my characters tend to be that way, too.

But, I don't like that it does and work hard to eliminate 'me' from the equation when I catch it cropping up in my writing.
My love of things like astronomy, astrology, beaches, tropical places, flying, travel, music, and even solitude tend to make their way into the hearts of my characters. But, I think that's because they're comfort zones I feel 100% about and therefore don't worry about making any errors in judgment or fact.

My characters aren't me, though, and more about what I'd like to be . . . maybe. Although that probably sounds as if I live vicariously through them, which isn't true, either.
My male pro/antagonists are usually the types of men I'm attracted to/abhor in real life. My female leads are most-often women who are the opposite of me. However, their personalities are of those I've known or admire in real life.

I've met all sorts of people who have gone above & beyond, who continue to slip up and never learn, those who shine without much effort, and those who do amazing things yet live in the shadows.

My inspiration always comes from them. From those I've known over the years, knew back in middle and high school, and right up to present-day and 2nd-round college.

Lots of nasty bitch/bastards who make great antagonists, a few sweethearts with soul who make ideal protagonists, some quirky characters who fill the void as third-party, and a few surprises from the past who cropped up again on Facebook and showed me their true (50+) colors. These guys help me see that it is entirely possible to teach old dogs new tricks and how best to arrive at happily-ever-after.

So many stories, some interesting lives, such unbelievable challenges, tear-jerking scenarios, true love conquers all, etc.

The leads in my stories are never entirely fictitious. Their appearances are my imagination, and of course, it's important that their story isn't unraveled between the pages of my work since I believe in right-to-privacy.

In my first published novel, Liv's story is 96% true. And, it happened to a girl I met in middle school. She wasn't entirely 15 yet when some boy took advantage of her at a house party. By the time I heard what was going on in a back bedroom -- with a number of boys -- it was too late.

I think what we all do as novelists is to take that interesting aspect and weave it into something readable; something grand that takes its own path toward its own destiny. The people we meet, the stories they share, and the experiences they've undergone are just springboards for our imagination.

This latest novel I'm working on has my own personal elements in it involving a family curse. I've heard about it for as long as I can remember and liked that gypsies were involved on my dad's side. From there, I created fictitious characters to help unravel the mystery surrounded a what-if type scenario.

I want to believe that I keep my values, beliefs, and ideals out of my writing. I'd hate to alienate anyone by being judgmental about things like sex, religion, way-of-life, country mouse/city mouse . . .

I probably lean more toward the alter-ego author. They're people with personalities I wish I possessed. That awesome laugh that makes everyone want to laugh, the magnetic presence that draws strangers without trying, being lovable, like-able, kind, considerate, outgoing, fearless, adventuresome, or emotionally attached without losing self.

I bring that to my characters.

As always, I thank you kindly for stopping by and reading my response. Now it's time to hop on over and visit with Fiona Riplee to find out how she responds.

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12 April, 2015

Cover Reveal: The Truth Be Told (Book 3)

Cover Reveal
The Truth Be Told (Book 3)

Series: The Truth in Lies Saga
Author: Jeanne McDonald
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Jada D'Lee Designs

Expected Release Date: May 18, 2015

Jeanne McDonald is an author, a mother, a wife, a student of knowledge and of life, a coffee addict, a philosophy novice, a pop culture connoisseur, inspired by music, encouraged by words, and a believer in true love.  When she's not spending time with her family, she can be found reading, writing, enjoying a great film, chatting with friends or diligently working toward her bachelor's degree in literature.  A proud Texan, Jeanne currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her family.

Website    |   Facebook   |   Twitter  |  Goodreads   |   Amazon  |  Google+   |  Smashwords


From the moment Andrew Wise and McKenzie Evans first met, they tried to fight the magnetism that pulled them together.  No matter how hard they struggled with their feelings, their love was a force so strong that neither of them could deny it.

The news of Olivia Hamilton’s pregnancy, and the understanding that Drew is the father, led McKenzie to flee with the hope of rectifying her secret betrayal of falling in love with her best friend’s boyfriend. However, when Drew showed up and declared his undying love for her, McKenzie could no longer deny the truth. She and Drew were destined for each other.  McKenzie now has no choice but to face Olivia in order for her and Drew to move on with their lives together.  Secrets and lies may have kept them apart, but now, in the light of the truth, their legacy shines as pure as their love.

For as long as Drew can remember, there has always been tension between him and his father, Jonathan.  This time is proving no different.  Since sharing the truth of his past with McKenzie, Drew is emboldened by her unwavering love and acceptance of the man he is.  He’ll do anything necessary to protect the woman he loves and the life he’s come to understand she deserves.  With Jonathan and Olivia teamed together to rip them apart, Drew and McKenzie, along with the aid of some unexpected allies, must join forces to overcome the obstacles that will inevitably come their way.

In this much anticipated final installment of The Truth in Lies Saga, Drew and McKenzie will unite together to conquer the past, face the future, and uncover the truth in lies that threaten to destroy them.  Love brought them together and love will set them free.

 ARayofHope     25684-coversmall     The Certainty of Deception by Jeanne McDonald     A Hot Mess by Jeanne McDonald     IndulgenceCover

09 April, 2015

Tasty Books Tour - Nobody's Angel by Sarah Hegger

Nobody’s Angel
Willow Park Romance # 1
By Sarah Hegger
Release: March 31st, 2015
Publisher: Zebra

I've read this and really enjoyed it! You can read the review here.


In this evocative new series from author Sarah Hegger, a woman returns home after a long absence—and wonders if two wrongs really can make a right...

Nine years ago, Lucy Flint ran away to Seattle, taking her friend's boyfriend and leaving her high school sweetheart without a word of explanation.

Now she's back in Willow Park, Illinois, to help care for her ailing father — and it's no surprise that her ex, Dr. Richard Hunter, is still angry.

Still, she's a different Lucy now. Sober, wiser, ready to make amends to the long — make that very long — list of those she mistreated during her wild younger days.

Falling for Richard all over again would mean wreaking havoc in both their lives and possibly squandering her opportunity for redemption. But here, in the place where everything went wrong, is the one person who always felt right, and a second-chance that could be the best mistake she ever made . . .

Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes | iTunes | Kobo

Author Info

Born British and raised in South Africa, Sarah Hegger suffers from an incurable case of wanderlust. Her match? A hot Canadian engineer, whose marriage proposal she accepted six short weeks after they first met.

Together they’ve made homes in seven different cities across three different continents (and back again once or twice).

If only it made her multilingual, but the best she can manage is idiosyncratic English, fluent Afrikaans, conversant Russian, pigeon Portuguese, even worse Zulu and enough French to get herself into trouble.

Mimicking her globe-trotting adventures, Sarah’s career path began as a gainfully employed actress, drifted into public relations, settled a moment in advertising, and eventually took root in the fertile soil of her first love, writing.

She also moonlights as a wife and mother.She currently lives in Draper, Utah, with her teenage daughters, two Golden Retrievers and aforementioned husband.

Part footloose buccaneer, part quixotic observer of life, Sarah’s restless heart is most content when reading or writing books.

She loves to hear from readers and you can find her at any of the places below.

Author Links

Rafflecopter Giveaway 

(1) $20.00 Amazon Gift Card, (3) $10.00 Amazon Gift Cards, (5) Print Copies of NOBODY’S ANGEL (Or Digital for Int. winners)


A slight shift in the light was all the warning she got before a warm hand closed over hers. Lucy dropped her iPod and he reached out quickly and caught it. Adele sadistically launched into a heartrending chorus. Tell me about it. Lucy sniffled.
Richard’s mouth moved, but all Lucy heard was Adele wailing away enthusiastically. His eyes were bluer than a clear sky and Lucy sank, came up for air, and then sunk all the way down to the bottom.
His mouth moved. He frowned, shook his head, and plucked the earphones from her ears. “These things will make you deaf.”
“Is that your considered medical opinion?” She was proud she could still come out with the wisecracks. Given that she truly wanted to disgust Gloria Steinem and the girls and fling herself against his manly chest and have him sweep her away to the happily-ever-after place.
“What are you doing?” Prince Charming asked with a frown.
“You have to ask?” Lucy looked pointedly at her shovel.
“Lucy.” His mouth tightened. “It’s the middle of the night and you’re shoveling snow?”
“Did I wake you?”
“Not with the shoveling.” Richard pushed a hand through his hair, making it stand on end around his head. “You look like you need a friend,” he said softly.
“Is that what you are?” Lucy heard her voice wobble dangerously and cleared her throat.
“Or something,” he muttered, and took her arm. “Come on.” He took the shovel from her hand and propped it against the side of the house. “Let’s be sleepless together.”
“Not a good idea.” Lucy dug in her heels, but he tightened the grip on her arm and tugged her a few steps forward.
“I don’t care,” he said, and hauled her a few more steps. “I don’t give a shit right now.”
And just like that, Lucy realized she didn’t give a shit, either.
He took her silence as agreement and kept her hand in his as he walked them through the silent garden to his house.
“Coffee?” he asked as he hung up his coat and reached over for hers to hang it beside his.
“No,” Lucy answered, pulling a face. “I would like to sleep at some point.”
The dim light of the entrance hall danced across the strong lines of his face. He cupped her chin and turned her face. “You’ve been crying.”
“A bit,” Lucy murmured.
His hand on her face was warm and gentle, but it sent a shaft of longing arcing through her body. She shifted away and dropped her head. Needing to move, she padded restlessly into the house.
“What is it?” He caught up with her on silent feet. “Is it last night?”
“Not really.” She didn’t have it in her to outright lie. “Something happened, earlier, and I . . .” She trailed off and followed him into the kitchen. She almost laughed. This kitchen had seen a lot of action since she’d been back in town.
“Tell me,” Richard urged her softly.
“I hurt someone.” She pulled out a seat and sat.
He went very still above her. “A man?”
Lucy nodded and looked down at the floor. His bare feet stuck out the bottom of his pants. He must have just pulled on his boots when he spotted her in her crazy wee-hour mania.
“A boyfriend?”
“Not really.” Something in his tone made her look up. His gaze was trained intently on her face. The muscles of his jaw bunched.
“You sure you want to hear this?” Of all the things she and Richard could discuss, another man must be close to the top of the awkward list.
“No.” His eyes bored into hers, as if he were trying to see past her face and into the center of her. “Tell me anyway.”
“His name is Elliot and he’s a really good man.” The pain in her chest unraveled slightly and she dared a bit more. “He’s been amazing to me. He picked me up when I was at my lowest point and helped me get sober. He’s one of the good guys.”
“He loves me and wants more from me. I don’t feel the same.”

Richard flinched, the slightest crease around the corner of his eyes.
“It isn’t the same,” she addressed the thoughts she could almost hear whirling around his brain. “Elliot is not you and I was always honest with him.”
“Really?” His skepticism rubbed salt on an open wound.
“I never loved Elliot.” Lucy hissed in a breath. “I never pretended to love him either. He . . .” She was making a mess of this. “Why don’t I tell you the whole story and stop you from leaping to conclusions?”
She thought he might refuse and then his face relaxed slightly and he dragged out the chair beside her. “Why not?”
It was not exactly enthusiastic, but Richard was still listening.
“I met Elliot when I first went to Seattle,” she said. “He was the perfect catch for me at that time. He had money, he was good looking and just that bit older to want to take care of me. I used him.” She hated even admitting it. “Until I found something I liked more. I was drinking, heavily, and Elliot was a bit too grown up for me. Then I ran out of money, got scared, and went straight back to Elliot.”
Lucy managed a dry laugh. “And he took me back. He asked me to stop drinking and I did. I didn’t stay for long,” she said, shrugging. “I found someone more exciting, more like me, and I left him again.”
“The prick with the fists?”
“That’s the one.” Lucy grimaced. “Then I got sober and Elliot has been waiting for me to get serious about him. He’s been hanging around for me, all this time, and I had to let him go.”
“Wow.” Richard blew out a soft breath. He spun away from her and stood staring out the window into the dark. “There’s a whole team of us. The men who never get over Lucy.”

07 April, 2015

RWW Blog Hop - WIP in Pictures

Hello again, and thank you for hopping over from J.J. Devine's blog.

This week, Victoria Barbour wants us to 'show' the cast of our most recent book or WIP.

For those of you who don't know, I'm not into Hollywood or modern movies aside from the Marvel series, and my television experience includes nothing more than The Musketeers, Vikings, and Project Runway (not exactly Hollywood).

I have watched all of the 007 movies, and I do have a few favorites from the 80's, but I am more inclined to watch TCM than anything modern, hip, or today. Heck, if someone from Hollywood or the music scene were to bump into me on the street, I wouldn't know them from Adam's off ox.

When I conjure up characters, they are usually people I know and whom I then embellish or make worse than they are in reality.

That ISN'T to say I don't partake in the joyous pastime known as Pinterest and all things hunk, muscle, eyes, hair, etc. :D

I've created a Male Character Development on that website for the express purpose of collecting as many hunky men as I can find -- and for inspiration purposes as well. I only know that they're hot, not famous :D

So, without further ado, here are what I've chosen to depict as best as possible the cast of my latest WIP, tentatively titled The Curse.

(character names are also tentative)
Word Count: 62,834

Female Lead: Kaisa Dailen

I don't know who this is and it wasn't marked, but she has the hair, and the eyes are close enough: Kaisa's are golden brown. This girl looks a lot younger than 30, too, but at least you get the idea.

Protagonist: Perry Lindstrom

Marcus Schenkenberg Photography

His eyes are brown, but my character's eyes are navy. Perry's hair length is also significant -- a rebellious streak against his hard-nosed, military father.

Perry has some tattoo's and scars, and he's tall and thin. Not quite as perfect as the man depicted above, but like my leading lady, it's close enough to the one inside my head.

He's a former Air Force pilot who later started up a private jet business. He's successful, but past scars prevent him from enjoying or even appreciating much of what he's been given (including his looks and natural charm).

The curse thing.

The Antagonist: Jordan McDonald

He's confident and somewhat arrogant, no-nonsense and somewhat thoughtless -- an attorney with a personal vendetta against Perry.

The curse thing.

Jordan is loud, pushy, and blatantly rude around Perry. He's successful and exudes confidence: the ideal Ken doll type most women go for and are attracted to, but not my leading lady. She's afraid of attachment and prefers the booty call to monogamy.

The curse thing.

So, there you have it!

Now, please hop on over and visit with Fiona Riplee and let's find out who the stars are going to be in her show.

Bed of Roses by Gemma Brocato Blog Tour

blog tour
Bed of Roses Blog Tour Banner


Book Title: Bed of Roses (A Five Senses Novel)
Author: Gemma Brocato
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 7, 2015
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

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Book Blurb

Bed of Roses
Book #4 - The Five Senses Series

This close to Valentine’s Day Malin Eckert’s flower shop is entering their busiest season. As if the added work isn’t enough, her father’s drinking has spiraled out of control and Mal discovers she’s been named guardian of a fifteen-year-old sibling she never knew about. To make matters worse, Mal’s crushing on a customer, a serial dater who drops by the shop with alarming regularity to send flowers to other women.

Gunnar Sims never had the best luck with women, a fact that doesn’t stop his growing attraction to his florist. His new business is losing money and he should be concentrating on that, but instead finds Mal an enticing distraction.

In spite of her best intentions to keep Gunnar firmly in the friend zone, Mal finds herself falling for the classically handsome gym owner. As her affection for Gunnar and her sister, Gabriella, grows, Mal’s heart hangs in the balance when it appears both could be taken away from her.

Content Warning: Hard bodies, spoiled princesses, and a levelheaded woman who knows how to smell the roses.


After a two minute warm-up she upped the speed and incline on her machine. She increased the sound level of her music to match. The volume hit earsplitting range when she entered the final quarter hour of her ninety-minute workout. Her quads and glutes burned, accompanied by the screaming of her shoulders and arms. Thanks to the pain that drove away any residual anxiety about Gaby moving in, she put this workout in the win column. The teen had run on a treadmill for forty-five minutes then moved to the weights. After a quick scan of the weight floor, she located Gaby on an abdominal crunch machine below. Mal upped the resistance on the elliptical trainer once more. Gripping the handles, she dug deeper.

And nearly jumped out of her skin as someone waved their hand in front of her face. Stumbling out of one of the footpads, she pitched forward, rescued at the last minute when Gunnar Sims grasped her upper arm and jerked her upright. Slapping her hand on the stop button, she shut down the machine. She jerked her ear buds out.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” He grinned at her, the apology turning his Nordic blue eyes the color of an Arizona sky.

“My fault. I was zoned out. Thinking.”

She snagged the towel draped over her water bottle and mopped her face. It shouldn’t matter that her friend saw her with her hair plastered to her face and sweat streaming down her neck like a fast moving creek. But it did.

There he stood, looking better than Chris Hemsworth, all Thor-like and drool-worthy. His green shirt accented his blond hair and added color to his cheeks. It also stretched so nicely across his chest, her fingers itched to touch. Dammit, men were not supposed to be that handsome when in the presence of sweaty women. Even the light scruff on his face looked delicious. The urge to test how it felt on her cheek replaced the destructive tension that had driven her to the gym in the first place. But replacing one vice with another wasn’t a good idea. Only her liver would be hurt if she drank. Getting involved with Gunnar Sims guaranteed a broken heart.

He consulted the electronic display on her machine, his eyebrows lifting. “You’ve been at it for a long time. Were you atoning for some sinful food indulgence?” He handed her the water bottle.

Sinful thoughts, more like. She dragged her mind out of the gutter. “No carbs today. Just using my time on the machine to work out some issues.”


Red roses , Valentines Day wooden background, wedding

Red roses , Valentines Day wooden background, wedding

Red roses , Valentines Day wooden background, wedding

Other books in the series:

Cooking Up Love (Five Senses Series Book 1)

Hearts In Harmony (Five Senses Series Book 2)

Exposed To Passion (Five Senses Series Book 3)
A Winter Wedding (A Five Senses Short: Five Senses Series)

Meet the Author

Gemma Brocato
Gemma's favorite desk accessories for many years were a circular wooden token, better known as a 'round tuit', and a slip of paper from a fortune cookie proclaiming her a lover of words: some day she'd write a book. All it took was a transfer to the United Kingdom, the lovely English springtime, and a huge dose of homesickness to write her first novel. Once it was completed and sent off with a kiss, even the rejections addressed to 'Dear Author' were gratifying.

After returning to America, she spent a number of years as a copywriter, dedicating her skills to making insurance and the agents who sell them sound sexy. Eventually, her full-time job as a writer interfered with her desire to be a writer full-time and she left the world of financial products behind to pursue a career as a romance author.

Gemma focuses mainly on contemporary romance, with an occasional detour into science fiction romance. Her titles are available in digital and print-on-demand at all major retailers.

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Bed of Roses (Five Senses Series Book 4)


One (1) $25 gift card to the winners retailer of choice
Enter here ➜ ➜  http://bit.ly/1MzYVJS

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