07 April, 2015

RWW Blog Hop - WIP in Pictures

Hello again, and thank you for hopping over from J.J. Devine's blog.

This week, Victoria Barbour wants us to 'show' the cast of our most recent book or WIP.

For those of you who don't know, I'm not into Hollywood or modern movies aside from the Marvel series, and my television experience includes nothing more than The Musketeers, Vikings, and Project Runway (not exactly Hollywood).

I have watched all of the 007 movies, and I do have a few favorites from the 80's, but I am more inclined to watch TCM than anything modern, hip, or today. Heck, if someone from Hollywood or the music scene were to bump into me on the street, I wouldn't know them from Adam's off ox.

When I conjure up characters, they are usually people I know and whom I then embellish or make worse than they are in reality.

That ISN'T to say I don't partake in the joyous pastime known as Pinterest and all things hunk, muscle, eyes, hair, etc. :D

I've created a Male Character Development on that website for the express purpose of collecting as many hunky men as I can find -- and for inspiration purposes as well. I only know that they're hot, not famous :D

So, without further ado, here are what I've chosen to depict as best as possible the cast of my latest WIP, tentatively titled The Curse.

(character names are also tentative)
Word Count: 62,834

Female Lead: Kaisa Dailen

I don't know who this is and it wasn't marked, but she has the hair, and the eyes are close enough: Kaisa's are golden brown. This girl looks a lot younger than 30, too, but at least you get the idea.

Protagonist: Perry Lindstrom

Marcus Schenkenberg Photography

His eyes are brown, but my character's eyes are navy. Perry's hair length is also significant -- a rebellious streak against his hard-nosed, military father.

Perry has some tattoo's and scars, and he's tall and thin. Not quite as perfect as the man depicted above, but like my leading lady, it's close enough to the one inside my head.

He's a former Air Force pilot who later started up a private jet business. He's successful, but past scars prevent him from enjoying or even appreciating much of what he's been given (including his looks and natural charm).

The curse thing.

The Antagonist: Jordan McDonald

He's confident and somewhat arrogant, no-nonsense and somewhat thoughtless -- an attorney with a personal vendetta against Perry.

The curse thing.

Jordan is loud, pushy, and blatantly rude around Perry. He's successful and exudes confidence: the ideal Ken doll type most women go for and are attracted to, but not my leading lady. She's afraid of attachment and prefers the booty call to monogamy.

The curse thing.

So, there you have it!

Now, please hop on over and visit with Fiona Riplee and let's find out who the stars are going to be in her show.


  1. I really like the natural beauty of the woman in the picture (heroine). Great choices!

  2. Love your casting. My husband sort of looks like Jordan...hmmm.

    1. Worry not, Veronica! I think my readers are going to favor Jordan over Perry for a time :D It's on purpose.

  3. I don't usually picture my characters as celebrities, either. It's usually a bit of this and a bit of that. And to be honest, after a while I almost forget what they look like and just know their personalities.