One - Just ONE of My Favorites (I've Written) #MFRWauthor

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 2018 Edition of MFRW Author Blog 52-Week Challenge.

Our First Challenge is: Favorite Thing I've Written, and Why

And right off the bat, we have another tough challenge to deal with today.

Personally, I choose ALL THE THINGS I write as my Favorite. 😁

Which is why I write.

Because writing is my Favorite thing to do.

All of my ideas, my characters, their personality issues, and the road I've paved ahead for them are Favorites.

My very Favorite of all is that my stories involve ROMANCE and LOVE.

But, to be fair, I'll narrow them all down (published and non) to one story for this post.

My Favorite 'Thing' and WHY it is my Favorite:

Awhile back I wrote a Blog Post about this story, but here is an abridged version for this Challenge.

This is a Fantasy Romance I'm still working on (rough draft) that refuses to leave me alone even though I'm currently working on the first of a 3-Brothers Contemporary Romance series.

In this rough draft, which I never got too far on, the H is handsome and clueless as ever, brand new to a far-off planet and struggling to take it all in while wrestling with not only his mother's death but his having just learned of her being an alien.

On earth, he was a Bush Pilot up in Alaska and made a decent living while enjoying the company of a few close friends, a girl who had long ago agreed not to expect anything from him, and his lucrative business carting rich kids off to hiking spots, ski trails, and aurora sighting locations while also delivering medicine and supplies to those living in more remote areas while ALSO on the look-out for things like brush fires, potential avalanche issues, and stranded or injured wilderness seekers.

One day, his mother begs him to fly her to a mountain range northwest of his Talkeetna home.

As the two make their way up a snowy mountain path, she confesses to her only son about her reason for being on Earth, and that she wishes to return after her death.

He's shocked, but more about her claiming to be dying than anything else.

He'd always known something was strange about not just his mother but his parent's quiet relationship, the seemingly major age difference between her and his father, who died five years ago an old man while his mother remained the same.

He'd been able to sense things prior to their occurring, and his ability to deflect objects was something he'd needed time and patience to tame as well as conceal.

He certainly didn't want his mother to die, though, and he definitely didn't want her to vanish into thin air, leaving no trace of herself for him to mourn afterwards.

She collapses against her son and the two end up on the snowy ground, he holding her close to his chest and shedding tears while she smiles and weakly tells the rest of her sad, somewhat terrifying tale of woe, abandonment for the sake of the realm, and a stubborn determination to have her way.

He had always noticed a faint red glow surrounding his mother, and now that red glow had changed to an alarming green.

"If all is well where I'm from," she tells him, clinging to his strong arm, "They'll come for you. Don't be afraid. Your rightful place is with them as their ruler."

He's confused and angry and still determined to keep the woman alive when he notices dark figures appear out of nowhere to surround them.

There isn't enough time to rise up, much less protest when darkness cloaks him, and in another instant, he's on another planet.

This Hero hasn't even got a name yet, but he is my Favorite character (for this post).

There's just something about him and his story, the journey I intend to take him on, and the love I want for him to experience, are exciting at the mere thought of bringing it all to life.

The world I'm creating for him and that woman are also why it is a Favorite, because like the world-building aspect of this particular story, I am strangely emotionally attached to these two (and I still don't know why!)

The idea for this one is actually derived, in part, from a few of the video games I've played over the years.

OLD video games played on a PS2, by the way.

The color, the sparkle, the imagination, and the what-if aspects of those games worked to help fill my head as I played until a seemingly consistent story line developed and this is it!

I'm always anxious to check in on this WIP and continue to take notes, but I also know that now is not the time.

This one is going to require a lot of attention, and right now it just isn't possible because of Real Life issues that will (hopefully) die down in the not-too-distant future.

So, I chose to concentrate on the Brothers and their CR tales instead.

And, I like the Brothers, too!

One of them was a contender for this post, actually, but my Fantasy is what I chose to talk about today.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my contribution!

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  1. Your fantasy story sounds very interesting~ will have to come back and read more about it. Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks, Judy! Appreciate your stopping by and reading my post!

  2. I hope you finish the tale of the unnamed "H". It sounds interesting.

    1. Hi, Helen! Thanks, and I appreciate your stopping by and reading my post!

  3. Glad to see you back, Raine. I had dealings with bush pilots back in the day, and like the idea of plunking them down on an alien planet. Could be interesting.

    1. Hi, Ed! Thanks for the encouraging words! If you have any 'tips' or 'in-the-know' you think I could use, let me know!

  4. Your fantasy novel sounds fabulous! And isn't the world building fun?

    1. Hi, Linda! Thank you SO much for the kind words! Yes, world-building is probably the most fun for me, directly behind building a romantic-themed couple.

  5. Your story sounds fantastic. It's an incredible feeling when a story calls and won't let go. IMO. I hope you can get to it in the near future. Good luck with the three brothers series.

    1. Hi, Mary! Thank you! I appreciate that you like my idea and agree very much about that feeling (even if it seems kind of weird to me since I dream up and write about a lot of different stories). Thanks for the encouragement and for reading my post!

  6. This sounds fabulous. hurry so we can read it!

  7. You have one heck of a plot going already! That's awesome. Fantasy takes time, the world building, I'm in awe of people that can create worlds from scratch to bring them alive on page. The project is slow going, but you'll get there. Sounds like your hero won't let you forget about him.
    Happy New Year

  8. Glad to see you back! Love your story, I'm looking forward to reading it some day!


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