Casting Pearls (of Wisdom) #MFRWauthor

Hello, and welcome back for Week 39 of the Marketing for Romance Writers 52-Week Author blog challenge.

This week, we are asked to talk about: Words to Live By

Well... this is a toughie, but for reasons you're probably not even assuming.

When it comes to Pearls of Wisdom, I am on the BUNCO side.

As a matter of fact, one of my future Vlog uploads will be covering this very topic.

But, to play fair here, I'll start by offering up

"Always Wear Clean Underwear"

Honestly, you just never know, so play it safe and do the wise thing prior to leaving the house for any reason whatsoever.

"A Stitch in Time Saves Nine"

I have NO idea how to interpret this, I just like saying it and think it's funny, so hopefully, if you need to giggle a little, this might do the trick.

"As You Think, So Shall You Become ~Bruce Lee"

This most accurately proves why I am not a fan of Words of Wisdom, because if he's right, then I am constantly thinking that unemployable, loser, poverty, homelessness, and lonely are the way to go.

I like Bruce, though, so figured I'd toss his Pearl into the mix for effect.

"Write What You Know"

I chose this one because a lot of people tend to misconstrue its meaning to believe anyone who hasn't lived, done anything, gone anywhere, or become someone has no business writing anything at all.

OR, that they are limited to writing only what they've personally experienced so far.

Which aren't the case at all, of course.

It simply means to research, study, and learn about whatever it is you set your heart on writing about PRIOR to writing... it's that simple and one of the very few Pearls I will abide by.

"The Road to Hell is Paved with Adverbs ~Stephen King"

My response is always, "F U, Mr. King."

I love words.

ALL words, including those of the  -ly variety.

Yes, I get what he's trying to convey, but I don't believe he went about it in a fair-minded way, do you?

I like very, really, usually, etc., and have no fear of using them in my writing, but I will agree that there is such a thing as abuse, and maybe if he had said something along those lines instead, I wouldn't have taken as much offense.

"What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"


This implies everyone over the age of 50 is Super-Human, and I doubt a majority of those over 50 will testify.

Here's what it actually means:

Okay, moving right along here...

Remaining on the upbeat side of this week's topic, I am going to cheat and just insert some of my favorite quotes (that actually make sense and seem relevant to most, not just the lucky few).

it's clever

goes w/out saying

Because I'm a Writer

I like that I never Know where I stand w/this

because it makes perfect sense

I read this in the Positive, not the Negative

And finally, just because...

because I Write Romance

It's a Quote, okay?

As always, I appreciate that you stopped by and read my post.

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  1. That last quote will take a guy to the dangerous intersection of romantic fantasy and political correctness. Don't share with any male college students, LOL!

  2. ;You had me right up until that last one :) Those are some great quotes. I especially love the one about the nap!

  3. thanks for brightening my day. Had to laugh at the viking way.

  4. hahaha the last one!!! Long as somewhere in there the yes has been implied. ;)

    You had lots of words of wisdom. I struggled to come up with something this week.

  5. Lots of great Internet memes here -- and some solid wisdom.

  6. The Viking quote is my very favorite! Thanks for the giggles. :)

  7. LOVE your quotes!!!

    My grandfather used to say, "Twoooo minutes! Twoooooo minutes and I get the yardstick!" (He never did, but it put the fear of God in us, lol!)


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