09 July, 2015

Release Day: Love Over Time

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance
Chapters: 35
Steam Level: 2/5
Release Date: July 7, 2015
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ASIN: B0111355YK
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ISBN: 9781311019226


A chance encounter at the airport is innocent enough, but it sets in motion a chain of calamitous events that leave photographer, Kaisa Dalen, badly shaken and jet pilot, Perry Lindstrom, reluctantly determined to protect her at all cost.


She may be attractive, and she may have a heart, but when it comes to love, photographer Kaisa Dalen is doomed to suffer heartbreak and yes, even death were she to fall deeply in love.

She believes in fate but is determined to break the spell of an ancient curse in order to experience true love without fear of dying as a result of that love.

He may be attractive, with women lining up to get with him, and he may be lucky in career choice as the owner of a private jet fleet, but when it comes to love, pilot Perry Lindstrom will pass in order to save the woman and himself from another lifetime of heartache and misery.

He believes in vicious cycles, or the sins of the father being visited on the son, but is determined to live a better life - just not with any, one woman ... until he sees a pretty lady at the airport, and then his reluctance to love is forced to flee.


“Good morning.”
Teary-eyed, Kaisa turned in the direction of a familiar low and thick voice. Holding onto the leather strap of her purse with both hands, she gazed through blurred eyes at the man she had met at the hospital yesterday. The tall, thin blonde with the beautiful, deep part of a lake blue eyes. She blinked, wanting to see him more clearly, and as he smiled so sweetly at her, she felt compelled to take a desperate step toward him. The need to be comforted was great, and he offered as much safe haven as Jordan at the moment. In fact, she had never felt so comfortable with a man before. It was almost as if they had known one another forever and she was free to say or do whatever she pleased and he would just get it. Jordan McDonald just didn’t have the same kind of power over her well-guarded emotions.
“Good morning,” she heard herself whisper. Without considering the consequences of her actions, Kaisa reached out to him. Her mind shouted at her to stop, though, and so she did. With that hand still hovering between them, she averted her watery gaze and frowned at a potted topiary set against the wall behind him.
“Is everything alright?”
Hearing his voice again, she returned her gaze to his now-curious expression.
“I’m frightened,” she said, acutely aware of the whisper-soft sound of her voice. Perhaps it was fear that caused her inhibitions to flee; she couldn’t be certain and didn’t care just then, either. “I need to get back home, but I’m –.” She gagged on an urge to burst into tears and slowly swiped an arm across her nose while gazing into the dreamy man’s indigo eyes. Only yesterday she had worried about appearances with this guy, but look at her now. A driveling fool acting like a baby.
The frown he offered made her hold her breath, instantly thinking that he might be able to read her mind and agreed that she had no right to board another plane and put more lives at risk.
“Miss,” he said and set a hand on her shoulder. The unexpected move startled her, and after eyeing his hand on her body, she stared up at him with what she knew to be a dumbstruck look. “What are you afraid of?”
Kaisa started to turn in the direction of the nearest ticket counter and weakly pointed over a shoulder. She tried to speak; to answer him when what she wanted to say sounded too stupid to utter. Childish and weak, too. And yet, how was she supposed to get home if she couldn’t figure out how to overcome the fear of flying?
Tears pooled above her lower lids as she stared at him.
“I just want to go h-home.”
“Alright.” He set his other hand on her other shoulder and began to soothe her by gently rubbing them. He offered another smile as well, leaning a bit closer to her tear-streaked face. “We’ll get you where you want to go, so just try and relax. There’s no need for you to worry.”
“No!” Kaisa halted before he could lead her toward the ticket counter. Shaking her head and trembling, she clung to his impressively solid arm and gazed ahead at the flashbacks now hitting her in rapid succession. “I can’t,” she gagged. “I won’t. I won’t risk any more lives. I can’t do it. It’ll happen again, and I won’t be responsible.”

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