08 March, 2016

Dark Prince by Eve Silver #Review

Pages: 352 pages
Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Eve Silver
Published: August 4, 2014
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Series: Dark Gothic - Book 3
Language: none
Sexual Content: 2-5
Narrative: Jane Austen First


Innkeeper’s daughter, Jane Heatherington, is sold into indentured servitude to cover her father’s debts, sold to Aidan Warrick, a man whose handsome face and form mock the rumors that skulk in his shadow, rumors that paint him a smuggler, a pirate…and worse.

On the rain-swept Cornish coast, Aidan’s business is carried out in the darkest hours of moonless nights, his secrets are many, and death follows in his wake. Isolated and alone, Jane's only companion is the man she dare not trust, the man who looks at her with heated desire that she both fears and craves.

As she finds herself ensnared in the twisted schemes carried out within the walls of Aidan’s looming estate, Jane must decide if Aidan Warrick is the dark prince of her dreams or a monster preying on the innocent.


All books in the Dark Gothic Series are stand alone stories that can be read in any order



Really enjoyed this!

Well-written with few type-o's (most of which occurred towards the ending) and in a style quite reminiscent of Jane Austen.

In fact, it occurred to me about a quarter of the way through this surprisingly free read that the author must adore Jane Austen novels.

Dark, gloomy settings with a lot of misgivings and mystery for plot are employed, but what stuck out most was the voice that carried throughout -- hers -- the leading lady, Jane, yet not once did she say "I" or refer to herself as "me" in any of the narration.

Which is why it received only 4.5 stars and not 5, because like always, it would have been nice to get his side of the story and hear his feelings on some matters.

Even more strange is that this is, indeed, a dark tale but hardly Gothic as far as true history goes.

My mind will always think of Gothic as occurring mid 12th to the 16th century, and this story took place in the mid 19th century somewhere in England.

Both Jane and Aidan were well developed in my mind, and I was able to sympathize with both as the story unfolded. I hadn't seen the 'other' novel cover until I researched for this blog post, so the man you see above is not the guy who developed inside my head as I read this story.

Aidan, to my mind, was robust, handsome, and with shoulder-length blond hair and piercing grey-blue eyes, so I prefer the cover that introduced me to this tale, the girl on the moors, to the other.

And, poor Jane.

I thought that the author did a wonderful job of helping Jane to slowly but surely come to the realization that life prior to her having met Aidan was not quite as simplistic as she had imagined.

She wasn't over-the-top modern heroine plunked down in Regency England, and because of her bum leg, she wasn't capable of wielding a sword, firing off a shotgun, or leaping through dark forests in search of the enemy . . . thank heavens.

The author remained relatively true to the period in which this story was written, and the dark elements that prevailed didn't change mid-way or become much less of a concern as the story unfolded.

As for the romance aspect, it was sweet but spicy, and a well-developed Aidan can be thanked for much of that occurring. He was all man, all vengeance, and all-consuming when it came to matters of the heart both revenge and love-wise.

If you take reviews at face value, then you might not be interested in reading the other novels in this series since some of them claim that the author tends to write the same story but with different characters involved.

As for me, I am willing to take a chance because while I am not a fan of dark anything and do not care for first-person storytelling, I am intrigued enough by the author's style to want to find out more and discover new characters who might or might not face the same or even similar circumstances.

This was a FREE offer for a limited time, which shocked me after reading only four chapters because, as I mentioned, the writing is wonderful, the characters intriguing, and the story is captivating. It is listed at $3.99 on Amazon and worth that amount, if not more.

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