03 May, 2016

The Harlow Hoyden by Lynn Messina

Pages: 288 pages
Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Potatoworks Press
Published: February 4, 2014
Sold by: Amazon Digital
Genre: Regency Romance
Sexual Content: 3-5
Language: doesn't apply
Voice: third P but Emma's story


Miss Emma Harlow hasn’t earned the reputation as a hoyden for nothing, so when the Duke of Trent discovers her in his conservatory stealing one of his orchids, he’s isn’t surprised—charmed, delighted and puzzled, yes, but not surprised. It is Emma who is amazed. She has naturally concluded that the man reading in the conservatory must be the country cousin (who else in London would actually read?) and is quite vexed to discover that he is the Duke of Trent himself—imagine, stealing the duke’s prize Rhyncholaelia digbyana under his very nose!

But her vexation doesn’t last long. For Emma is a practical young lady with a mission: to end her dear sister Lavinia’s engagement to the villainous (and dreadfully dull!) Sir Waldo Windbourne, and she thinks that the famous libertine is just the man for the job. If he would only seduce her sister away from Sir Waldo…. Well, not seduce exactly, but flirt mercilessly and engage her interest. Perhaps then Lavinia would jilt the baron. The Duke of Trent is resistant, of course. Despite his reputation, he does not toy with the affections of innocents. And besides, it’s not her sister he longs to seduce.


The synopsis pretty much sums up the entire story, and while I found this to be a fun read, it was still a bit tedious to finish.

Relatively well written, but with the anticipated boo-boo's cropping up the more chapters that went by.

The author stuck to the time period for the most part, but like the above mentioned constant, there were times when I had to wonder or just giggle quietly to know it couldn't be possible.

Emma was charming and cute, which gave the impression of her being more of a fourteen to sixteen year old, making it difficult for me to see her in a romantic setting with a grown man, which made things a bit uncomfortable when the seduction scenes commenced.

The Duke was well-formed, but this was one of those instances where you have to question his taste level -- or at least why he would find Emma to be as captivating and desirable as he believed.

Her mission to save her twin sister from a fate worse than death (in Emma's mind) was likely but hardly plausible due to her single-minded attitude, which came as no surprise.

Simply labeling Emma a Hoyden didn't quite work to make me believe she was capable of pulling off a few of the stunts that occurred so she could reach her ultimate goal.

The tension was there, and I was able to wander into the scenes with relative ease, so kudos to the author for her ability to captivate through words.

Overall, the plot was a good one but the author wasn't able to execute in a believable or consistent manner, and it went on far too long to be considered enjoyable or a true page turner.

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