22 April, 2017

Daydream Believer Still Has Her Head in the Clouds #MFRWAuthor

Late to another Party!

You can still follow along on the Hop, though, as I've included everyone else's contributions at the end of this post.

It's Week 16 of the 52-Week BlogHop Challenge and this time, I'm supposed to tell you about My Biggest Dream in Life, but like a few of the other contributors, I've got more than just one.

I'll start with the trivial things:

Eternal Youth

Vanity by Hans Memling

Lots and Lots of Money

and Being Able to Travel the World

Then tone it down a bit with the semi-realistic:

Becoming a Successful Writer

and Landing on A Best-Seller List

Which would bring my dreams full circle as I'd then be able to travel the world with my loads of money AND get the cosmetic surgery out of the way!

In all seriousness, though... my lifes' dream has changed so many times it is hard to say exactly what it is I really want out of what is left of the rest of my life.

To be happy?

Nah, cause I know from vast experience that it isn't possible 24/7

To be healthy?

That's entirely up to me, but even then, it's a crap shoot in life.

To be rich?

Yes, I have to say that one is still up there with a few of the big ones.

WORKING toward that goal was never (and still isn't) as big on the list, though 😏

At my age, I've given up trying to outrun Paul, and Peter dumped me years ago, so living paycheck to paycheck is just a part of the game now.

To be successful?

Well, yes and no.

Ages ago, it never occurred to me how much time, effort (smells too much like work to me) go into becoming successful, but what's worse (for me) is the recognition involved.

Having to attend crowded conferences, talk in front of large crowds, and have total strangers accost you in public...


To have something like a legacy would be incredible, though, wouldn't it?

Oh, to be up there with the likes of Jane Austen or Wm Shakespeare, eh?

Such lofty perches are (and always have been) far from this gal's feeble grasp, so I continue to grasp at straws instead: handouts of whatever types of bones I toss at myself when the mood strikes.

So, to honest and truly answer this week's question:

My Biggest Dream in Life

To Have A LOT of Readers who enjoy my writing, favor my work, and show their approval via Social Media outlets.

I do the hard work of writing and publishing, and they do the easy work of helping me to get recognized for my talent.

My Biggest Dream: To be Liked for My Novels

Yes, Sir, I think I like it!

What Is Your Biggest Dream?

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