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Hello, everyone!

Welcome back to a late entry in the MFRW Author Blog 52-Week Blog Challenge.

This is now Week Seven, and today's topic is: Top Five Things on My Bucket List

Can't STAND the phrase Bucket List.

The guy who coined it was referring to death that way, kicking the bucket, and I just think it sounds really stupid.

Anyway, I apologize for the late entry this week, but I did spend a lot of time thinking about what to say and didn't really come up with anything spectacular.

Realistically, I'm limited by lack of wealth in the Bucket List category of life, but that doesn't stop the imagination from creating one thought bubble after the other!

I think we've done this list before, too.

Here we go, and in no particular order, either.


I'd really like to be in NYC on New Year's Eve just once.

Kid 101

Maybe not sandwiched among the throngs -- freezing my doopah off with them -- but in a swank hotel room with a perfect view of the ball drop.

The logic for this one is due to my need for picture-taking, and I just think being in that place at that particular time would make for some amazing images to share.


If I could, I'd want to visit that observatory in South America with its largest telescope perched atop a highest mountain peak and just stare into the lens for a time...

The Very Large Telescope (VLT) is the most advanced optical instrument on Earth, located in the world’s driest desert — the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.

... then spend the rest of that night lying on the ground looking up at the vast, open world of the night sky.

Dream Come True


Visiting a Hawaiian Island is probably on a lot of people's To-Do list, but if I were ever so fortunate, my goal would be to write a message, roll it up, slide it into a bottle and cork it before hurling it into the Pacific Ocean.


To me, there is something romantic as well as exciting about the idea of having someone find it, read it, and then let me know!


It took some ten years or so, but Friends of the Park here in my hometown have done amazing work to reestablish Hines Park (right across the street) into a true nature preserve.

The amount and variety of wildlife now residing so close to me is truly inspiring.

Turkey Vultures lurking on telephone wires behind the house, falcons irritating blue jays in the trees, foxes scampering through yards, 8-point Buck standing on a hillside watching the cars drive by, the nightly serenade of a few variety of frogs, the return of the firefly, and seeing an unusual variety of birds fluttering around the yard to include the hummingbird.

As a result, I've become somewhat of a bird watcher now, and when you just happen to stand at a window in time to see a huge, golden hawk helicopter land to pluck a pigeon off the street, well, you know you've just seen true nature at work.

Rotary Park Nature Preserve Loop 

It isn't much, but I'd invest in a decent pair of binoculars and head on out on a good day to see what I can see, record what I see, and hopefully capture what I see on film.


As for Writing, I'd love to be able to afford to attend a Conference.

It doesn't matter where or when, only that I am able to do so and just to say I did it!

When I view images from the people fortunate enough to be able to attend one, I always get this sense that the events are exciting, fun, and filled with friendly people all dying to talk to you... even if it is only about their latest novel.

It never hurts to learn something new, so if I was able to do this one, and if it turns out I am wrong about their being fun and filled with laughter, good times, and lots of friend-making, at least I will come away with a bit more knowledge of the craft.

Thank you very much for stopping by to read my post!

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  1. great lists. The park looks beautiful I think we all want to go to conferences!

  2. I've only attended small cons.....I'd love to attend RT!

  3. #4 looks great. And I'm with you on #1. I would't want to be in the crowd, but I'd love to be at a hotel and experience the energy.


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