24 July, 2016

A Jab at Amazon Reviews of Romance Novels

If you are a regular to my blog, you know that for months now I've been reviewing-for-research Book Reviews of Romance novels.

More often than should be occurring, I find reviews that make me wonder what the reviewer read or if they actually read at all.

Sometimes the review makes me wonder why that person chose to post a review, and other times, they compel me to share their review with you.

Here are three that made the cut and deserve to be poked fun at here.

#1 The Agenda Reader

To be fair, Amazon Customer has a point.

However, the premise of the novel had to do with an abused housewife who then sets out on her own to fulfill a dream and eventually find real love.

#2 The Confused Reader

Why is this person reading Romance Novels?

One-star, mind you.

This is thoughtless and cruel.

However, nothing says cruel like ...

#3 The Clueless Reader

This occurs far more frequently than you might believe.

1 comment  beat me to the punch, asking why the 1-star if she enjoyed the story.

Anymore, I report it as abuse.

I am also in the habit of clicking the NO button when I find this type of review.

So, there you have it.

More classless entertainment from the masses for your Sunday reading pleasure.

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