07 May, 2017

Nothing Better Than a Book Fair! #AmReading

As promised, I'm going to share my latest haul from a Book Fair held semi-annually at an upscale mall in a city near mine.

Their library (and ours) also do this twice a year, holding their versions of probably the largest book fair in my area.

And, yes, I attend them all and buy as much as I can hold with my increasingly arthritic limbs.

Which is kind of sad because the affliction also affects my ability to hold a traditional book for a length of time -- usually while lying on my side in bed prior to falling asleep.

But, it will not prevent me from continuing to attend these fascinating and time-consuming endeavors.

No, I don't like or really even notice the smell of a new or used book (unless it is musty, then I can't help but notice) and I don't make it a habit of sniffing them, either.

However, READING them just thrills me to no end, and as long as I have eyes to use, I'll continue to buy traditional books along with all of the Kindle e-books I'm gathering.

My One Harlequin Purchase This Time

Do you read and enjoy Harlequin romance novels?

If you write them, please excuse what I'm about to say.

They're cute, short, and sweet, right?

But, they are also VERY formulaic, predictable, and... dare I say it?  Sappy.

However, when I find these really old ones, I can't help myself and buy at least 2 or 4 to add to a growing collection of books I tend to start reading and then quickly quit due to the above-mentioned issues.

They're neat in a very nostalgic sort of way.


Now that I look at it, this seems like a very generic purchase, doesn't it?

I got stuck in the History section and bought a few hardcovers prior to finding the Romance novel section.

The Harry Truman Story, Baroque and Dark Ages Art books, and another Witches, Warlocks, and Spells book.

Hee Hee

Then I browsed the DVD, Video section for my mom, who had to cancel her cable due to a massive price increase that wasn't worth paying for sh*t channels.

THEN I made it to the Romance Novel section and was a bit surprised at the lack of selection and too many duplicates.

Nothing really jumped out at me or held my interest, but I honestly did spend a good deal of time browsing the section.

Here's how I end up buying a Romance novel.

1st, the cover art.

If it's bright or in a color scheme I'm partial to, I'll grab it off the shelf.

2nd, the blurb.

After scanning the cover, I'll flip the book and read about what the story is about, and if it hooks me, I'm going to buy it.

3rd, the hot dude.

If the colors and the blurb are meh but the dude on the cover is smoke'n, I'm all in and will buy the book, hoping and praying that I did the right thing.

One thing I won't do, however, is purchase any romance novels with Fabio on the cover.


Seriously, back in the 80s/90s, every book I ever purchased had him on the cover, and believe it or not, I NEVER made the connection until the truth was finally revealed about Johanna Lindsey covers.

Can't remember when that was, but the shock of the news was severe, and from then on I just became overly cautious (maybe?) about cover dudes.

I actually met Fabio !! (more LOL).

A friend and I went to an auto show, or was it a music festival (??) in downtown Detroit (we call the main district Downtown even though Detroit is a huge city with a half-dozen different 'zones' or 'areas' with unique names. East Side, West Side, Cass Corridore, Midtown, Greektown, etc.)

Billy Hufsey
I don't remember what we were doing down there, but we stood in line to meet Fabio in one area and in another area, this guy from Days of Our Lives...

I had no idea this would turn into such a hilarious post!

I was in love with so many men back then, it's not funny at all but making me extremely nostalgic!

Which is cool, because I just discovered what my NEXT blog post will be about.

Anyway, thanks for visiting me and reading my story.

Speaking of Blog Post Ideas, I should make an updated post showing my TBR pile.


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