05 May, 2017

Time for Another #FridayFeeling Post

A lot to cover today.


My extended Sub assignment ended on Tuesday, so after five weeks teaching First Grade, I took the last three days off 😜

Wasn't able to sleep IN any of those days, but I did make a few attempts to stay up later than normal, which just worked to make me very sleepy during the day.

It was a fun assignment, the kids were adorable (for the most part), and it is the first elementary school in this district where I can honestly say I'd love to go back again some day!

Not to go into a long dissertation on Public Schools and Everything that is Wrong with Them, but I know for a fact that the reason I enjoyed the work so much was because of the Principal, the staff, and the simple fact that everyone who works there is on board with the rules and guidelines set forth by the administrators.

Instead of showing me to the classroom and then walking away, leaving me to feel alone, desperate, and tossed overboard without a life line, this school worked with me, kept in touch at the end of the day, and the two teachers in surrounding classrooms gave me a ton of support, extra work for the kids, and a readable, understandable, and comprehensive daily rubric to follow.

When a few of the parents took their child's side and went to the principal to complain, the principal smiled at me and assured me I was doing a terrific job and not to worry about anything; that they believed ME and trusted ME.

It was wonderful and I do look forward to being reassigned there soon.


It's rainy.

Wettest late winter/early spring in a long time, and I, for one, am really over it.

We actually had more thunderstorms this past Winter than we had all of last Summer!

There's also the issue of a leaky roof here in my writing den that has me very worried, but with a little luck and some prayers, that issue will be resolved once the rain stops and the roofers can come over to do their thing.


My car and my son's car were broken into last week 😢

Yes, both were locked and HIS was armed!

Let me back up a bit, though.

My car died, my son bought a new car and gave me his old Honda Civic, so now there are two cars parked in the driveway (he's living with me for a year to save up after graduating/paying off student loans).

He's got one of those dash cam things and we're waiting to figure out how to get the chip out so we can view the crime on his laptop.

MY laptop, actually.

Another trade-off.

I gave him my Sony Vaio and bought myself an HP All-in-One that I LOVE.

Oh, and he gave me his iPhone and bought himself an old-school flip phone.


The other night I went outside to look up at the sky -- though all I got to see was an overcast full moon, which was pretty cool instead of there being lots of stars and planets to observe.

I was in front of the door and under the eave looking up at the foggy night sky shrouding the dull moon when this... THING flew directly at my face!

I fell back against the closed door, and with a hand against my beating heart, I looked to where it had landed -- in the burning bush at the front window of the house -- and just as I started to get my breath back, the THING came back at me again!

Right toward my face!

I fell back against the door again and watched as it took off north up the driveway.

National Geographic

We also have a Screech Owl living in the neighbor's old Maple tree.

Their yard backs up against our yard, so the tree is behind our garage, and it is a lot of fun to listen to him late at night.

and Finally...


It ain't happenin' for me... yet.

I've mentioned this in a previous post, but I am a one-trick pony incapable of multi-tasking.

Now that I'm working again, I cannot concentrate on anything else, but that doesn't mean the story ideas aren't still churning around inside my head because they are!

All the time.

Daily and nightly.

What I am doing is a lot more reading.

I'll be posting another #review after this one, and I'm currently reading a first-person paranormal that involves dragons.

Imagine that!

Me, reading a first-person novel!

I also attended our annual Book Fair at Livonia's Laurel Park Place mall and will be posting a third blog about my haul.

Today is also another #MFRWauthor 52-Week Blog Challenge submission day, but this week's question (5 Things that Make me Laugh) didn't appeal to me so I didn't enter.

However, I've added the Linky tool below and I'd like it if you checked out the submissions of my newfound friends.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my post!

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