13 July, 2017

A #review of Janelle Daniels A Mail-Order Heart (Miners to Millionaires Book 1)

Pages -  178
Publisher -  Dream Cache Publishing
Published -  April 19, 2016
Sold by -   Amazon
Genre -   Victorian Romance, Clean & Wholesome Western
Language -  0/5
Sexual Content -  0/5

Clara Stewart has every intention of marrying Ivan, her mail-order groom, but her plans fall apart when he dies before her arrival—leaving not one fiancĂ© but nine! When the female-starved town offers them Ivan’s home and claim, Clara steps forward and promises to do whatever necessary to see to the women’s future, regardless of her own attraction to the town’s sheriff.
Sheriff Sawyer Morrison had one goal: to protect his town. But when nine women arrive, all claiming to be mail-order brides for the same man, his once quiet life is thrown into chaos. Safeguarding them from aggressive suitors is nothing compared to the inner battle he faces over Clara, a woman who heats his blood… but can never be his own.
But when Clara is kidnapped by the same person who’s sabotaging their mine, Sawyer must choose between the life he knew and the future he craves.

It wasn't the worst read, and it wasn't the most memorable, either.

The Up Side

Really lovely cover art on all Five books in the Series.

It was as 'wholesome' as stated, with zero in the way of sex, sexual encounters, heavy breathing, or any amount of dirty mind contemplation.

It was also short & sweet, which I'm beginning to appreciate in a lot of these next-to-nothing offers I find at Book Bub.

It wasn't so horrible that I lost interest, and despite numerous boo-boo's, I finished this in a few nights because I wanted to and never felt gypped.

At Amazon, of the 113 Reviews, 15 were Critical  -- 3 or less Star Reviews.

None were overly harsh or insultingly cruel but were honest and ran along the same lines as my own.

The Down Side

It felt more like I was reading a Contemporary novel, and I don't appreciate when this happens in a Historical context.

The leading lady read more like a modern woman but with basic manners and a brief run-down of the time periods lady-like code of conduct... which the author chose to poo-poo via the heroine.

A no-no in my book, but maybe not in yours.

I got the impression the author isn't as knowledgeable about the time period she chose, which isn't a wise decision imho.

It is obvious the author is too young and therefore unskilled -- BUT -- with great promise for, say, ten years up the road, when she will likely blossom with said time and immense practice -- should she choose to continue on this course.

The whole thing felt forced, making it difficult to get to know any one of the many characters involved or to get a solid feel for the two leads as a budding couple.

There was never any indication as to what the H or the h actually looked like save a scant few eye beholdings or hair color mentions.

However, I did get the mental image of a modern woman having been tossed back to the 1800s and forced to wear a dress and behave accordingly, but with a lot of disgruntlement about her having to do so, which was weird and unsettling.

The 'to Millionaires' aspect never proved itself in this particular novel, but maybe the motherlode will be struck in Book Two?

Grammar and punctuation aren't this author's strong suit, and sadly, it showed in this work.

Examples include her use of 'fecal flurry', mother load for motherlode, and alter for altar, along with the misuse of apostrophes, like 'the one's with...' and 'stuff get's caught'.

Annoying, yes, but this is such a short story that I decided to ride out the grammatical storm in order to find out how it ended.

This is not an Indie endeavor, so I blame her 'paid' editor, who should be fired or NOT paid for not properly doing her job.

Strangely enough, I am partially interested in reading another in this series... just to see if the author has improved or if her style is advancing, but not so much to discover what happens to the other ladies involved in this first of Five in the Miners to Millionaires Series.

Books 2-5 in the Miners to Millionaires Series


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