21 July, 2017

Oh, Say, Can You See? #MFRWauthor

Happy 4th of July, America.
This is Actually ME! I'm stunned... truly

Independence Day, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

Here in Michigan, it wasn't until very recently that Fireworks were legalized.
Now, you'll find massive tents in corner lots like this one

Detroit Lakes Online

and in a lot of otherwise 'For Lease' spots in a lot of our vacant strip malls, selling all kinds of goodies that leave the ground, make noise, and explode in the air.

The good stuff.

All my life, it was a snakes & sparklers kind of event that wasn't too exciting unless you got your hands on the really cool stuff.

Yeah, the Snaps!

Tossing the tiny paper baggies of gun powder on the ground was totally cool, man.

Smoke bombs?

Forget it... you had to be super-cool to light off those.

If you got your hands on the illegal fire crackers, MAN were you the bomb!

(lol'ing my way through this post!)

But, the legal stuff we were used to buying and using came in all sorts of different colors, which I still think is neat despite the putrid smell.

My favorite are still the fountains that emit sparks of color, sometimes snapping and popping as they go.

Witches Whistles were probably the coolest thing I'd ever seen (and heard) with it's crazy spark emitting and ear-piercing scree-ee-eech!

Chinese Lanterns are actually illegal here, but, um, yeah, well, uh... when I find them, I buy them in a rainbow of pretty colors, and on moonless nights I'll light one, set it free, and watch for as long as I'm able, to see how high and far away it goes.

Can't help saying, "Aw!" when I see them in a random night sky.

Silly, I know.

Recently, we became a State where anything goes, but only around New Year's Day, the 4th of July, and I don't remember the other times.

This means we are allowed to light off sh*t that actually leaves the ground.

The bad-ass, expensive stuff in other words.

It also means no more exhaustive trips downtown Detroit to wait 7 hours to see a 25 minute show (spectacular as that is, it just isn't worth it anymore).

We do sit this close to the action (Detroit River)

You're looking at Windsor, CA

Hart Plaza fountain (my little girl)

there are 3 barges in total

Detroit's Riverfront is a Beautiful place

I and She awaiting the Excitement

It is fun, I'll admit freely to that

my own video of the last time we went

And surprisingly, as jam-packed as the roads get once it's over, the ride home is never quite as long as the drive into the city.

Don't get that, but whatever.

Now, we are free to purchase and set off our own Fireworks displays so long as they are not on public property (w/out permission) and they must cease at midnight (1:30p on New Year's Eve).

Well, it was all fun & games at the start until the idiots got on board, but isn't that always the way it goes?

I went outside at 3:30a.m. two days after the 4th of July (yes, I'm up that late some nights) and as I gazed skyward in search of anything cool, someone let off three... not one or even two, but three successive bombs.

Far enough away from me to be less deafening, but startling nonetheless.

My first reaction was, "Good God, I hope no one died of a heart attack in their sleep!"


And, for the SJW set, yes, if anyone in my neighborhood were to display this sad sign on their lawn

I would not be an idiot about my favorite holiday.

In fact, I've yet to see such a sign displayed in my neighborhood, but that probably wouldn't stop a handful of folk from doing whatever they darn well please, right?

A very local elementary school was torn down a year ago, leaving a very large and very open space for a lot of people to gather, set up their stash, and put on a spectacular show.

And in a larger neighborhood where I've actually seen the PTSD signs on display, so good for them!

Anyway, I still get a huge kick out of our way of celebrating Independence from the British.

I enjoy the sounds and colors of the Holiday in its perfect season.

The sparkly, glittering, shiny things about My Favorite Holiday make me smile and feel good about myself, but then those things always have... even if I still can't tell you why.

I'd hardly refer to myself as being any type of Patriotic, but I do love my country, respect its values, the flag, and its people...

just not our National Anthem, sorry.

It is a dopey song with zero rhythm or harmony to it and is a bit on the embarrassing side come Olympics time.

The Independence Day weather is ideal as well, with the holiday arriving as summer heat and humidity begin to crank up around here.

We used to have a/c until it broke, and so for the past few summers ma and I have baked our way through hot, humid summers here in SE Michigan, but it is fine with us.

No, I'm not as down with the humidity as I once was, but getting outside and soaking in my $20 kiddie pool, holding the icy-cold hose over my head, and taking even cooler showers is a part of why I like summer so much.

We have little American flags dotting our landscape, I love to display colorful fairy lights whenever I can, and getting my hands on a few packs of bottle rockets just makes my day.

My Writing Space

My daughter was born on the 2nd of July, so we get to celebrate that as well.

She's yet to complain about the red/white/blue chocolate cupcakes we purchase every year.

I live across the street from a major Park, and after buying a permit, people are allowed to celebrate the major holidays with fireworks displays.

I stand on the front porch and watch time after time and it never gets boring.

On the 4th, though, Holy Smoke (literally, I think).

Sulfur is obviously the opposite of the heavenly scent of Frankincense, but the colors, the noise, and the constant "Which way do I look?" feeling is a plus, and a big adrenaline rush for me.

Every 4th house in the neighborhood has gone out and purchased a fairly decent stash of goods, and we've even learned how to take turns setting them off (which I can't help but laugh about even if it isn't funny).

Timing is definitely key, so one guy lights up a roman candle, the next guy sets off a cake of 16, the next guy sends up a 5-salute report, then I hurry over with my extended lighter to send up my 24 report cake...

It's darn cool and surprisingly polite!

Having taught and attended school for so long, summertime is break time for me, and the only Holiday that lands smack-dab in the middle of it all is our Independence Day.

Yet another reason why I enjoy it so much... not having to wake up the next morning and go to work is a huge bonus!

Detroit FreePress

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  1. This is a very sparkling post, full of skyrockets.

  2. Great post. Mine was very lackluster this week. Distractions with family in town. Here in GA fireworks were also legalized. Before people were driving over the state lines to Alabama or the Carolinas to by them. I liked it better that way. My kids enjoy the fireworks and getting to see all the sparkling lights. My dogs, well the old one, well she's a different story. Poor girl is a nervous wreck. :( Having someone set off fireworks at 3:30 in the morning, yeah that's not cool!

  3. Wow, Raine, you are really into Fourth of July! I'll admit it's fun to watch the fireworks. We could see two from the backyard this year since I had the trees removed. I'm surprised that personal fireworks are allowed in California at all, given the fire danger this time of year, but they are, and our neighbors were making lots of noise with theirs.

    Did you know that the tune of The Star-Spangled Banner comes from an 18th c. gentlemens drinking song called To Anacreon in Heaven? And you thought the other version was dopey? LOL

  4. Surprisingly, I've never ventured downtown for the fireworks display. Nice photos of a fun day for you and your family, Raine.