02 March, 2015

Review of Cursed Be the Wicked

Cursed be the Wicked [Kindle Edition]
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing (March 3, 2014)
Genre: Mystery, Paranormal, Romance
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Cooper Shaw lives his life under a pen name and enjoys the anonymity it provides during his journeys across the globe as a seasoned writer for a travel magazine. When his job lands him in his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, to cover the famous Festival of the Dead, he soon realizes that he can't stay invisible forever as he faces ghosts from a past he's been trying to forget ever since he left. The city represents nothing but bad memories for Coop until he meets Finnley Pierce, a quirky young woman with an old soul and curious insights. While she acts as his tour guide through a town he thought he knew, Finn helps him unearth the truth of his childhood and might even begin to open up his heart. By unraveling the mystery of his father's murder, Coop may finally accept who he is, where he came from, and perhaps even realize what he wants for his future.

Right away, this story intrigued me because of its being written in the male lead's perspective and not the other way around, like most other novels of the romance variety.

Not a big fan of first-person romance due to their being one-sided throughout. The reader never gets an opportunity to find out how the other person feels, thinks, what they want, or even why.

However, Cursed be . . . isn't your typical romance novel. It reads better as a mystery with bits of witchery and mayhem tossed in the mix, and that is what is most intriguing about this story.

Well-written, smooth-flowing, and with some interesting characters who pop up along Cooper's way through a past he'd tried hard to forget but is forced to have to confront on account of his job as a travel magazine contributor.

This is about Cooper and his being forced to return to his past, where he meets a woman not linked to that past yet she ends up helping him discover the truth along the way.

Cursed be the Wicked is a recommended read for anyone who enjoys mystery, witchcraft, missing link scenario, and a refreshing change from the normal.

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  1. What a sweet review Raine. Thank you so much for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed them. :) XOXO