30 June, 2015

Alternate Career Choice: RWW Blog Hop

Every Tuesday, the members of Romance Writer's Weekly (RWW) get together for a blog hop. We are a terrific support group for fellow Romance Authors and love to share our experiences, give and receive help with our writing dilemmas, and promote one another's work.

Let me just say I CANNOT BELIEVE that today is the last day of June, 2015.

And then, I'd like to self-promote for a sec.

***I'm in the final stages of edit/proof of my second novel that I've decided to title LOVE OVER TIME, with a cover purchased and ready to be revealed. The only thing standing between me and upload mode are these edits, which are turning into nightmare rewrite sessions. It is time I just stopped editing altogether, before the story turns into something completely different.***

And now, on with the hop.

I hope you arrived here after having visited with our prolific Jami Denise - who loves to incorporate the sexy bad-boy in her novels. I also hope that you took the time to check out her extensive library of published works. You can find out more about her latest, Damned Sinner (The Jayne Series Book 3) by clicking Kindle Edition.

This week, the talented Xio Axelrod poses the following: If you weren't a writer, what other creative career would you most want to try?

Creative, eh?

In the honest sense, I just wish that I had gone with my gut and left home immediately after having graduated high school.

I had aspirations of becoming a flight attendant as a way of fulfilling the travel bug that grew inside of me and still remains to this day.

Then there was the inability to become a fashion model (height requirements) that left my penchant and desire to wear a lot of neat clothing & jewelry hanging in a lurch.

I'd have given anything to be able to work that way and travel the world, make good money, and live in some luxury high-rise in NYC.

I actually recall the sad day when browsing through Lucky and Vogue suddenly lost their appeal as it dawned on me that I no longer applied. I'd outgrown that part of my life and had to let it go . . . with a few tears and a glass of wine.

So, from a fantasy standpoint, and sticking with the creativity theme, I would have to say FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER.

This would have fulfilled all of the above requirements including travel.

I had even taken two semesters of photography and a semester of broadcast journalism back in the day, but it never occurred to me to run in either direction career-wise.

I still adore cameras, though, and I still take lots of pictures, just not of me, or of people wearing hip clothing.

Thank you, as always, for hopping in and reading my response to this week's question.

Now it's time to hop on over and visit with Betty Bolte to find out how she answers Xio's question about an alternate career choice that sticks to our creativity gene. 


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  1. Fashion photography is a really fun job. It's hard work, but I can understand why anyone would want to do it. I know a few, and I envy their lives, lol. Great post!

  2. Sounds like it would be a fun job!

  3. I think that would be a high pressure job, but could be a great one!