16 June, 2015

RWW Blog Hop: Super Power Gift

Welcome back to another Tuesday blog hop courtesy of Romance Writers Weekly.

Every Tuesday, members of RWW get together for a blog hop. We are a terrific support group for fellow Romance Authors and love to share our experiences, give and receive help with our writing dilemmas, and promote one another's work.

I hope you made your way here after visiting with Susan Scott Shelley , and as always, I thank you for hopping in to read my response.

This week, Susan asks: You've been gifted with a super power. Which would you choose? Why?

This is going to be fun.

And, selfishly, I'd like to possess quite a few super-natural abilities!

Fountain of Youth Owner

Time Traveler Extraordinaire

Fastest Woman on Earth

But, after more thoughtful consideration, I've decided that to be gifted with just one super power would mean that I choose to be a bona fide and honest-to-goodness WITCH,

Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched

. . . complete with all of the supernatural powers a witch would possess.

Alchemy, spells, unicorns, fairies, and eye of newt still thrill me decades after having truly believed that I could, in fact, grow up to be Samantha Stevens.

Popping in and out of places at the snap of a finger (didn't care for the nose twitch and still can't do it), and stopping bad, nosy, and obnoxious people with a flick of the wrist before they have a chance to go through with any evil, vindictive, or hateful act brewing inside their small minds.

Being a witch would also afford me the luxury of possessing the super-power talents listed above, too!

First, I'd assure that money was never an issue with me again, and then I'd set out to try and help people by using magic spells, potions, and whatever amount of juju I can conjure up at the spur of the moment.

How grand would it be to hand a sad person a book, and then as they're reading, I magically transform their surroundings so that the reader is truly engrossed in the story? Okay, if they enjoy murder or mayhem, I'd assure that they are far enough from flying bullets, swinging axes, and any ferocious monsters that are set loose.

And (lol) how terrific would it be to make my own characters, settings, and conflicts come to life so that I'm better able to understand what is going on and better convey those things to my readers?

When I'm lonely, I can transform into a hot, young thing and go out on the prowl.

When I'm curious, I can snap my fingers and be transported to wherever and whatever has my interest at that moment in order to get a better, more realistic understanding of the situation without having to rely on the news or hearsay.

Whip up delicious meals to feed the hungry, and conjure up boat-loads of clothing, supplies, and anything anyone might be in need of and that would help lessen just a bit of their daily strife.

When it's too hot, I can make myself or snap myself somewhere cool, and when it's too cold, I can do the same for warmth.

Flying, for heaven's sake. I want to be able to fly!

Which is probably why I adore writing as much as I do.

There is a fantasy series in the works, and I've incorporated a few of these possibilities because I think it's fun, interesting, and a great way for folks to escape from reality for a few hours.

And, witches are capable of escape at any time they feel like escaping.

Thanks so much for reading my response to this week's question. And now it's time to hop on over and visit with Carrie Elks to find out what super power she wishes she had.


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  1. I think I'd like to fly as well. And stop the nosy neighbors. I have my fair share of those.

  2. Such a fun post! I love the super power combinations. :-)

  3. Super magical powers! Love it! I've always loved stories about witches and wanted to be able to conjure up some magic in times of need.

  4. Samantha was wonderful in the "good fairy episodes.She should have stayed as a fairy foverer.