16 November, 2015

Love Over Time, Excerpt

Genre: Contemporary/Adult/Fantasy
Sexual Content: 3/5
Release Date: July 5, 2015
Pages: 276
Syndication: EPub/Self
On Amazon: Kindle
At Smashwords: Others
List: $3.99


A chance encounter at the airport is innocent enough, but it sets in motion a chain of calamitous events that leave photographer, Kaisa Dalen, badly shaken and jet pilot, Perry Lindstrom, reluctantly determined to protect her at all cost. 
She believes in fate and that an ancient curse still affects the women in her family, but Liv is determined to find a way to break the spell and finally experience true love without the fear of that love being destroyed by tragedy. 
He believes in vicious cycles but is determined to live a better life than the heartless, cruel one his father and grandfather taught him. Perry refuses to fall prey to the cruelty gene, so Love is out of the question . . . until his resolve is put to the test via a series of unfortunate events that force him and the lovely Kaisa to keep crossing paths.

An Excerpt

While smoothing a hand down the landing gear’s steel pole, Perry's mind instantly switched gears and he imagined himself smoothing that same hand along Kaisa’s calf. He could still see her in that sexy, black dress and in those amazing high heels. Neon pink with lime green under soles, a lot like she walked in watermelons instead of shoes, but Perry didn’t mind. They looked good on her and made him want to bite into that particular variety of fruit.

Damn it. Will you stop?

The silent admonishment made him frown, but a second later and he was smiling again; thinking about Kaisa again. He shook his head that time, knowing it was pointless to dwell on something he wasn’t able to have or deserved to desire this way.

Women were one thing, but Kaisa was another thing altogether. She wasn’t just another woman to him, and that was what had him in such a state right now.

When it came to women, it had always been wise to let them be the one to lead him down the path to glory and not the other way around. And Perry only let that happen if he knew for certain that she would let him go on his merry way afterwards.

“Your a useless coward.”

His late father’s words hit Perry like a blast of heat from a bonfire. It was what he needed to hear, though, and he knew it despite the anger that now threatened to make an appearance, along with bad memories that would spoil his day.

If there’s one sure way to remind me why I’m not going to let myself get close to a woman, it’d be to think about the old man.

Before another bit of unwanted history could enter his head, Perry caught sight of something neon pink between his thighs. He stared between his bent knees as if awaiting the familiar shoe to do something when it rubbed against his crotch, making him grunt with instant arousal.

While still clinging to the side of the plane’s nose, Perry spun on his left foot and saw Kaisa standing in front of him. While she giggled behind a hand, he lost his footing and fell backwards, hitting the back of his head against the metal pole of the landing gear.

Pain made him close his eyes tight before he thought to reach behind his head and rub where it now burned. A dull moan left him at the same time that he heard Kaisa’s surprised gasp, and after opening one eye, he was startled to see her crouched before him.

Her beautiful face was filled with concern, and for a brief few seconds, Perry let that vision wash over him like a refreshing shower after a strenuous workout. She reached out to set her hand against the back of his head, forcing him to quickly lower his hand.

So much for avoidance. He wanted to be accommodating instead.

It felt amazing to be touched by the woman he sought to avoid. What was even more amazing, though, was that while she checked for a bump or cut, he got to grin like an idiot at the unexpected close-up of her cleavage. She smelled like heaven, too, and she was still wearing the sexy black dress from the night before.

His hands reached out to touch her arms, his lips puckered up for their first kiss, and his whole body grew stiff with mounting need.

“Are you okay?”

The sexy background music droned to silence, the candlelit ambiance evaporated, and Perry’s hot imagination withered like a time-lapse houseplant dying from neglect.

Lifting his gaze from her chest, he saw that she hadn’t lost the concerned frown. Reality returned to kick him in the groin, and he could feel the heat of blush start to roast his cheeks.

Perry shot to his feet, careful to duck to his left that time and avoid another bean to the head. He tried to smile at Kaisa and set a hand against the back of his throbbing head, nodding in response.

“I’m sorry,” she said, and with a giggling lilt in her voice that made him smile a bit too brightly and against his will. “I meant to push against your ass, but my foot slipped.”

That made Perry lean back with hearty laughter. A few minutes later, and after using a sleeve to wipe the tears from his eyes, he noticed that Kaisa was still wearing Jordan’s overcoat. The smile left him as quickly as if she had shaken it clean from an etch-a-sketch.

Or, as if Jordan had.

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