16 November, 2015

Review of The St. Nicholas' Day Wager by Em Taylor

Pages: 107
Pub: November 26, 2014
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
Sexual Content: 4/5
Genre: Historical/Regency
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As the clock in White’s hallway chimes midnight on St Nicholas’ Day morning, Lord Nicholas, Viscount Eastden makes a stupid wager. Somewhat foxed, he agrees to a wager which states that he can marry the spinster sister of the Earl of Thornwich by Christmas eve. If Thornwich wins the wager and Eastden fails in his quest to marry her, he will get ten thousand pounds and vice versa.
Having grown up on neighboring estates, Nicholas can’t figure out why a nice girl like Gabriella failed for so many seasons on the marriage mart. 
Gabriella appreciates the viscount’s honesty when he explains the wager. Knowing the dire straits of her family’s finances and her brother’s addiction to gambling, it seems that marriage to Nick may be the only option.
Can she overcome his cruel words from their childhood when he taunted her about the strawberry birthmark on her face which blights her appearance? 
After such a rocky start, can the Spirit of Christmas find its way into the lives of Nick, Gabriella and their families or will injury and grievances from the past keep them apart forever? 

Before I explain to you why I enjoyed this Historical Novella with a Christmas theme, I'd like to point out the fact that it is the very first time I've ever encountered an Author's disclaimer!

Content Warning: This book is not a sweet romance. It contains sex scenes. If such content is not to your taste or offends you, please do not upset yourself by purchasing this book. Thank you.

Isn't that cute? I just don't know if or how well it works to keep away those who would otherwise submit a snarky, pissy review based on personal offense instead of it having anything to do with bad content or some other issue with THE STORY.


A few GPS issues did not prevent me from finishing this novella or enjoying it!

It flowed well, the characters were not only believable but engaging, and Em Taylor weaved enough magic to make me (and a lot of her fans) really, REALLY like the male lead, Lord Nicholas, Viscount Eastden.

Hot guy alert!

The author also wrote well enough to help me understand, sympathize with, and root for the heroine, Gabriella. Her brother is a cad and it was easy enough not to like him or his caustic wife, and then it became almost as easy to understand where it was they were coming from and why they behaved the way they did before things changed along with their hearts and minds.

A short, sweet, and even steamy romance novella offered for free via Amazon (not just the Unlimited) that didn't have too many GPS issues to explain why it is offered as a give-away, so if you haven't read this one yet, I recommend that you do -- you won't be disappointed.

Oh, and the word LAVE appeared just once, too.

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