10 March, 2017

Guilty! #MFRWauthor #52WeekBlogChallenge

WEEK 10 - Seven Guilty Pleasures

Only 7? 😈

Actually, this is a high number for me because it took so long to reach the limit.

However, in an old-school sense of the word, the guilt threshold remains rather high, so I've narrowed it down to those that are most cringe-y if anyone (face-to-face) were to find out.

In no particular order, they are:


Watching Asian Dramas

... for the eye candy, really.

It's a bit like reading Indie Romance novels... you get what you pay for (free) and eight times out of ten, you'll probably regret having watched (or read).

Depending on who stars, of course.

And at my age, this can be utterly shameful if said guilty pleasure is mentioned in the wrong setting or circle.

I prefer to keep this one to myself.



Because they are so expensive and only come in 4-packs, I used to sneak these into the house w/out the kids seeing and then wait until they were in bed to indulge.

Perhaps some habits are hard to break, but 20+ years later, I still do this!

And I still don't want anyone to know I'm eating them.



I can blame it on the fact that I returned to college late in life and had to listen to, theorize and conjecture, and sometimes actually participate in a much younger generation's Media Tendencies in order to pass a few classes.

YouTube wasn't particularly 'popular' with that group of college students, but it was amazing how often we (students) were instructed to utilize said Media Outlet for a class assignment.

And, like all click-bait trailing down the right side of any online media source, the chances of me NOT falling victim to said bait is slim to none.

I became hooked on three rant channels and do watch others if the mood strikes.

H3H3ProductionsiDubbbzTV, and PewDiePie have kept me laughing/cringing for a few years now, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of their growing tiresome (not yet).

The guilt comes in being fully aware of the fact that a lot of elementary-age pudgy boys living in their bedrooms after school also indulge, so this is a watch, don't share pleasure for me.

I need to get out more!


Fountain Diet Coke

Again, at my age I probably shouldn't be doing this...

But, I'd never acquired a taste for coffee and actually come close to puking just by smelling the stuff.

Empty Calories, I know... actually works to help gain weight, I know... isn't doing me any good, I know...

If I could kick the Diet Coke habit, I could kick the Virginia Slims Menthol habit, and if I could kick THAT habit, I'd be in a lot better shape.

A goal!


Dumpster Diving

Otherwise known as Thrift Store Shopping!

No one wears dated clothing like me!

No one.

And, it isn't so much about what I'm wearing that brings on the guilt as it is to drive into the parking lot and pray I don't run into anyone I know.

Is that guilt or shame?

Okay, that's shame, but the guilty PLEASURE comes in knowing I've just bought an entire season's wardrobe for less than $20!

And, I'm helping Veterans, so maybe this one doesn't count.


Bad for the Teeth

This candy bar is highly addictive and extremely rare to find on any convenience store/gas station shelf, or even at the Dollar Store!

So, when I do find them, I horde.

I buy the lot and proceed to snack but limit the daily intake to three.

And Finally...

Blog Rants

Really oughtn't to do this, but sometimes the urge to let loose with a tirade is simply too strong to ignore.

Probably one of my toughest guilty pleasures to have to sift through, weigh options, agonize over, and finally decide to do or don't.

More often than not, I do.

Which might be why I enjoy Guilty Pleasure #3 so much!

Thanks for reading and remember to click on the Linky Links below to read more Pleasures from other Guilty people like me!


  1. This is the most interesting list I've seen so far in this blog hop!