07 March, 2017

Why Do You Do This? #Meanie

Not going to apologize to anyone for this particular post.

Then again, I can't recall having ever apologized for anything I've ever written in a blog post of this nature (meaning, my having discussed something others may deem as butt-hurt inappropriate and anti PC).


Today someone pressed my last-straw button and so here I am... venting.

It was this...

Which is a far more common occurrence than one might think, along with remarks such as this...

I'm thinking at this point that anyone possibly reading this Post might not be as quick to jump up and down crying foul now, am I right?

And I know what you're thinking... that I'm not being fair and considering ALL of the possibilities and circumstances surrounding such thoughtless instances as these, right?

Yes, yes I am, actually!

Seriously, on what planet is it acceptable and common knowledge to offer up 1-star (not rotten apple or devil face, mind you) as being terrific and 5-stars is awful?

How is it possible for anyone old enough to be able to read to not understand a universal rating system?

Where am I being unfair by calling them out on it?

They are the unfair culprits committing an abominable sin and not I.

They, who are too stupid (gasp) to know what one-star vs five-star means and then blithely set out to downgrade unsuspecting authors by either admitting they haven't even read the novel yet or they did and loved it then proceed to 1-star the novel are the real enemies and not I!

Whether you like it or not, there are stupid people in this world, and those who downgrade an author due to any form of misunderstanding fall into that category regardless of their shortcomings or lack of whatever.

Perhaps if Amazon used symbols instead of something as elementary/easy as a star rating system, these types of reviewers might stand a better chance?

But, continuing to dumb-down the human species in an effort to help those less fortunate keep up needs to stop.

Amazon needs to heed OUR warnings (which I assume is why they specifically ask: was this review helpful? Yes or No) and go after all those who make senseless mistakes like these.

REMOVE their thoughtless remark/rating from the author's Sale page, and allow the rest of us to breathe easier as we get on with our daily lives, knowing we've saved another defenseless writer from the evil clutches of a sinister antagonist otherwise known as the Clueless Reviewer.

Being Helpful to others falls under the Act of Charity category of Nice Things to Do for Others, but the amount and quality of said Helpful will always vary depending on the do-gooder.

NOT being helpful but instead choosing to be spiteful, mean-spirited, or just plain dumb is in no way a help to anyone.

This isn't an easy Market to break into, much less become mainstream or elevated in.

Having a group of clowns infiltrate the trenches to muck up the hard-fought works isn't helping anyone to improve their lot in life, much less garner another sale.

Go after them, folks!

Smash that NO button and then REPORT them!

It takes less than a minute if you're a fast typer, but just let Amazon know the reviewer is a dolt and needs to be removed from the system!

My Stop the Madness crusade will continue to appear on my blog until the day finally arrives when we are all on the same page and marching to the same Let's Get This Right, People! tune.

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