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Hello again, and welcome back to another installment of the MFRW Author Blog 52-Week Blog Challenge!

Week 47 here, and the topic today is: My Writing Space

Not ashamed to admit to being a nosy person, but I think it also needs some clarification for those of you who instantly gasp and start thinking all manner of awful things about me in retaliation for said remark.

Gossip ≠ Drama

When it comes to "drama", I define it much differently than most and don't agree that Hollywood hi-jinx, catty-bitch 'reality' TV staged show-downs, and who's sleeping with whom apply (because I just don't give a damn).

Someone is crying, confused, upset, lost, or overjoyed, and I want to know why!

That kind of nosy.

I'm always curious to know what other people are doing, how they think, what they like and don't, how they feel about issues or the mundane, and although I can honestly say I've never had an inkling to secretly peek into anyone's closet or medicine cabinet, that doesn't mean I've never been overly curious to see what's inside both!

What I like about 'drama' is when someone tells me they're so angry they want to break something, or that they just heard something questionable about someone they thought they knew.


When it comes to writers (or artists in general), finding out the truth of their inner sanctum appeals to me.

I've read such articles as what famous authors did to inspire them, what their drink of choice was whilst at their Writing Space, and even what some chose to wear while at that space.

(If you are as nosy as me about such things, just Google it and I'm sure you'll find something... I tend not to link things to my blog because of fear that the article being linked is plagiarized, somewhat inaccurate, plain old click bait, or will disappear soon, leaving a dead link on me).

Now, as for my personal Writing Space (escape), it's no big deal and hardly worth writing a blog post about, but here it is, folks!

Raine's Writing Space

Wait... I just noticed that quite a few things have changed since I took this photo.

Raine's Latest Writing Space

So, aside from the room, the desk, the Diet Coke (7/11), and the chair, everything is new.

Well, wait a sec... the Diet Coke is new, too.

It's not the same one I was drinking in the first picture, just to make that clear πŸ‘΅

My son now uses the laptop, the speakers died awhile ago, and with my new all-in-one, I'm happy.

At first I wasn't, because when I go on my infrequent jaunts around Michigan, not having that laptop proved a bit of burden.

Until I remembered that there still exists such things as pen and paper and then I was cool with not owning a laptop anymore.

Hopefully, my next updated Work Space photo will include a new desk and chair.

My sister offered me the wicker desk (hence the first pic above) and I didn't have the heart to tell her that wicker isn't my thing so...

My personal taste/style leans along the minimalist side unless I find something with Art Deco hints and then I'm all over it.

The Vanity Ballroom - Detroit

The Guardian Building - Detroit

Chrysler Building - New York City

It's cool.

I used to live on my own in an apartment up near Michigan's thumb (the Thumb region, as its known) until my mother had a heart attack.

Since then, I've been living with her in the house I grew up in and not much has been called my own.

I do have 'things', but I hope you understand that I'm not whining or complaining, just letting y'all know my situation and this is how it is for me.

Ma is in her mid 80s now and becoming increasingly absent-minded, reliant upon others, and hasn't driven a car in over ten years.

And, again, without meaning to sound like I'm wallowing in my own pity party, my siblings are far better off than I am, which just means I'm the only one in a position to be here for Ma if she needs me.

I'm writing this post on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day in the USA) and for a little bit of time I wanted to wallow because my son is down in Kentucky with his girl's family and, well, I'm sad.

To me, it just means one step closer to being ALL alone some day, unless I die before the few who are left in my life, that is.

I'm still thankful, though, for the roof over my head, the food I'm about to partake, and the fact that I have a son and daughter at all!

Lastly, I just want to clarify something that cropped up in last week's post about my job.

I'm not a certified teacher but a contracted subber for various districts in Michigan, so I wouldn't get fired for speaking my mind or correcting a misled child.

I would, however, be 'banned' from ever again working at a particular school that received any bad news about me.

Which doesn't bother me in the slightest πŸ˜‰

SO FAR, I've been in everyone's good graces, and a few schools actually call me first before they upload an assignment to the website (but that might change since I probably just jinxed myself!)

I always remind myself not to get cocky, take myself too seriously, or get in too deep with any one student, and I rarely think I'm above the law, so I'm gonna assume I'm still safe (for now).

As always, I thank you for stopping by and reading my post.

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  1. Sending virtual hugs. I can understand the sadness as my daughter blossoms into a teen-ager, and I realize how little time I have left with her with me. I am trying to bring her up to leave me, to have a rich and connected life with meaning she learns to define for herself, but I already feel the sadness when there are things that we used to do together, but she does with others know. I also feel like I'm doing something right when that happens to.

  2. Lovely writing space. Hopefully you'll be able to upgrade your desk and chair.

    I agree on the being 'nosy' part. When I'm out and about I find myself paying more attention to the conversations and things around me. Seeing how people react and interact makes for great research.

  3. I can totally empathize with you over your son being elsewhere for Thanksgiving. My oldest daughter lives with me right now, which is great since my younger daughter, her husband, and my only two grandkids live 25-gazillion miles away. We haven't been together for a holiday for more than 3 years, and every Thanksgiving and Christmas is more painful than not. I'm excited, though, that they're coming for Christmas this year. I guess the being alone makes the being together times that much sweeter.

  4. Love your space! Sorry your son wasn't there for Thanksgiving. I had both my kids and all three grand kids, but with my daughter moving to Iowa it could be the last for a long time.

  5. Thanksgiving without family is bittersweet. My daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons came for turkey dinner on Friday, not Thursday, but the other three children are all thousands of miles away. Plus we just got word that the Amsterdam d-i-l won't be visiting for Christmas, either; her mother has been diagnosed with cancer, so she's taking a month's leave of absence to spend time with her in Hong Kong. As far as I know, Scott will still be coming, but we'll miss Viv terribly. She's one of those bubbly, enthusiastic people who makes a room brighter when she enters.

  6. I know how you feel... I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter and son-in-law, but I missed my son who lives out West (and really missed my dad who passed earlier this year). Holidays are rough when you're not with your loved ones. I hope yours was as happy as it could be!


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